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Debut in September 27th? Millet Note 2 release time previously exposed millet Note 2 or will be released in September 14th, but now it seems that the situation has changed. According to the users in the Post Bar broke the news that the millet Note 2 conference time is September 27th, held at the Beijing National Convention Center, will be equipped with Xiaolong 821 processor, equipped with HiFi chip, is expected in the National Day period will be shipped. Although the above message has not been confirmed, but because of suspected millet employees has released millet new flagship conference September ___ day "micro-blog, so basically it is the millet Note 2 will officially meet with us in this month. From September 27th released about millet Note 2 release time past and shortly before the Public opinions are divergent., will be officially released in September 14th, and then went on sale in September 20th. However, according to previously accurately broke the news of red rice Note 4 users posted it broke the news that millet will be held in Beijing in September 27th will be held in the center of the conference, the official launch of the highly anticipated millet Note 2. Although the authenticity of these messages still need to be further confirmed, but according to the WandT technology in the mobile phone users @ micro-blog, millet Note2 has yet to release, on the one hand is to avoid the release of iPhone 7’s edge, on the other hand it is hard to win in the sale of the stock, when to let everyone grab a good point. In addition, allegedly millet staff has just released "ocean channel @ millet new flagship conference September ___ day" micro-blog, so basically can determine the millet Note 2 this month will officially debut. Equipped with 821 Xiaolong as millet Note 2 main configuration, according to the disclosure of the date of the conference online version, the machine is equipped Xiaolong 821 processor, but Qualcomm in October will give the right to the use of millet, it also meant that millet Note 2 should be equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor standard version is launched. In addition, the machine that allegedly will be equipped with 5.7 inches 2K resolution AMOLED touch screen, and uses a double screen design, allegedly early or by LG supply, and then a AMOLED curved screen Samsung, with pressure sensitive touch function and pre fingerprint identification. In other words, as previously rumored as the Standard Version, millet Note 2 will be equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor, combined with 4GB RAM+64GB ROM memory, while the high version is equipped with a snapdragon processor 821, provides a combination of 6GB RAM+128GB and 256GB storage. At the same time, the user also confirmed millet Note 2 will indeed have Hi-Fi2.0 sound and embedded ES9028 chip. Or with double lens is worth mentioning, this netizen also said that millet Note 2 3D touch function and the dual camera as a gimmick, so seems to have confirmed millet Note 2 will be equipped with dual cameras rumors. Prior to this, there is news that millet Not.相关的主题文章:

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