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Why do people want to change the fate of the fate of people who want to change the fate of the master Wen Huiguang a disciple asked the teacher: Master, the people of this life and death are doomed, why do we have to change the fate of it? The teacher replied: do not think it all already doomed — sometimes really have been doomed, but that is for the dead heart. Once the heart died, lost vitality, lost the sublimation of power, fate has become a fixed program. You stand on the head, you can see that, there is not much difference. But your heart once activated, you can build a margin, so that the heart is life changing, this change of heart, the world has changed. Watch out for the big, the whole world will smile to you. And when you change your mind and your heart is full of light, you can help others to change their destiny. For example, when someone in his life feels unhappy, his mind is extremely fragile and prone to extreme behavior. When his heart is filled with hate and anger, what is most needed is the care of others. At this time, if there is a lot of Shun around his side, the emergence of care for him, love his people, the fate of the trajectory is able to change, then the community will be a lot less tragedy. We say that the change of fate is to change our thoughts and perceptions of the world upside down, only the heart changed, fate can be changed. Life and death is doomed, but the choice of how to live, how to die is the need for our own decisions. So the Buddha repeatedly warned us: Naga Shikun repair, an in-depth ah!相关的主题文章:

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