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What about underwear? Explain you don’t know the secret – 1 Sohu underwear underwear is a woman’s underwear, so buy underwear, must be careful, especially the underwear material, and is closely related to breast health. In all fabrics, natural fiber products is the best choice of underwear fabrics, which known as the "second skin" silk for the election, the skin damage is almost zero, but the price is higher. Followed by cotton, cotton material moisture absorption, thermal insulation are more prominent, the price is moderate. Furthermore, the rise in recent years has also become modal underwear underwear material, cotton Mo Dei Erby more hygroscopic and drape, meet the people’s needs, non-toxic and harmless and no pollution. The above three kinds of fabrics for the selection of underwear. 2 material even if the fabric, underwear material is divided into many grades. In the case of high-grade bra lining, bra breathable cotton, silk and other common materials, super soft, breathable performance, strong and durable, the fracture phenomenon is not easy to appear; mid-range bra lined with ordinary sponge, some even use poor quality low bra sponge, containing harmful odor, wearing soon or washed several times may appear obvious cracks, undermine the overall effect of the bra. 3 craft lace rough, poor materials, easy to fade. As for the strap, the more high-grade products with high elastic material, and low use of general underwear elastic or cloth belt for shoulder straps, will tighten the body, causing discomfort. The material quality is generally proportional to the price and underwear, the high price of lingerie is often more durable, not shrink, not easy to deformation. Therefore, the choice of material differences, will also cause different underwear prices. Fine workmanship is the high price of women’s underwear and low price of the obvious difference between women’s underwear. Different price lingerie at first glance seems to have little difference, but if a few dollars one hundred yuan underwear and underwear for comparison, will clearly see in the sewing pins, seams, the high price of underwear to more delicate, and cheap underwear most rough work, even off-line, cracking phenomenon. 4 underwear style underwear style everyone for the vision is not the same, some people prefer mature dark, some people prefer pink cute girl series, but no matter what color underwear bra lining to choose the best light department is appropriate. The color of the cup surface can be changed according to the season. For example, summer wear thin, underwear cup face should be as simple as possible, so as to avoid the appearance of embarrassment. In the winter underwear cup color can be appropriate enough, or you can try you do not dare to try the gorgeous color. Secondly, the winter can also wear some with the adjustment of the underwear, the adjustment of underwear in the winter jacket under the cover of the comfort without trace. In the choice of underwear cup, they should try to meet their breast size, must not because of a preference style, and will in a cup, so it will lead to the chest type is not perfect.相关的主题文章:

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