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Audi 31, landed in Beijing on time rental service in Hongkong will soon according to the "Automotive News Europe" reported that in August 31st, Audi said in a statement, will be launched on time rental service in Hongkong, users simply click on the smart mobile phone installed software can be rented to a Audi car at home. And Beijing will soon become a Audi rental service city. Beijing draws a limited number of licences to control car ownership, so the chances are less. And usually only a passenger car with a license can be on some specific sections. Audi China business leader Feng Derui (click to view the latest figures News) (Dietmar Voggenreiter) said that Beijing’s vehicle used to prompt users to choose Audi to lease such services, they only need a smart mobile phone software on the hourly rental to a Audi car. Following the San Francisco and Miami, Hongkong in August 31st to become the operator of Audi rental services on time. Feng Derui, 31, said in an interview in Hongkong, when the road is limited, users can use Audi’s home service. The same applies to Beijing." In Hongkong, Audi and Kerry Properties Ltd (Kerry Properties Ltd) cooperation, to provide services for the Dragon Mountain high-grade construction area residents, including 90 users signed up to HK $200 per hour ($26) Audi lease. Audi 31, said in a statement, consumers can choose A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid vehicles and Q7 SUV models. Moreover, the brand also plans to extend this service to other cities. Feng Derui said, this service will also attract people who travel by plane everywhere, the crowd in the city travel or travel city might not have lived for 30 days, but it must be for your car to pay the full 30 days of the management fee. Audi expects profit and sales Qi Zhang Feng Derui said, Audi expects 2016 the largest single market sales increased by 5% to 10%, and achieve substantial growth in profits, distributors to ensure a profit, it will not appear in the case of substantial markdowns amount. According to consulting firm WAYS Consulting Co data, in June the sale of every luxury car dealers can get a profit of $487 in July, and the discount rate increase, in order to seize the sales champion position situation, only to earn 66 yuan. In the first 7 months of 2016, Audi sales in China (including Hongkong) rose by 6.5% to 335580 vehicles, compared with China’s passenger car sales increased by an increase of 11%.相关的主题文章:

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