Britain announced the June referendum once the probability of recession in Europe soared-残清1864

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Britain announced a referendum in June once off the European recession probability surge in U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news 26 news, Bloomberg survey of economists said that if the referendum in favor of Britain leaving the EU will greatly improve the UK towards recession path opportunities. In the UK in June before the referendum to consider themselves in the European Union’s 28 position on the occasion, the respondents surveyed by Bloomberg said that if the vote "away", the economy suffered shock probability fell to 40%. In recent monthly polls, the probability of falling into recession is only 13%. In view of the discussion on the European Union covering immigration, sovereignty and loss of trade channels and other issues, to promote people in Britain in the EU believes that the withdrawal from the EU will affect investment, employment and economic growth. Although the British economy recovered lost more than in 2008-2009 during the recession of the landless, but it took four years, and there is a period of unemployment rate soared to a 16 year high. Worked at the Bank of England [micro-blog] Investec Plc in London, economist Chris Hare said: "there will be a lot of uncertainty, will be a substantial drag on economic growth. The financial market is likely to fluctuate, Britain is likely to tighten credit conditions, business and household confidence hit, all the factors together will be a drag on the economy." British Prime Minister Cameron, British Prime Minister Cameron will lead the British referendum in June 23rd. He and other people pushing to stay in the EU say that leaving the EU will reduce trade opportunities and reduce London’s role as a global business and financial hub. Those who want to leave the EU say that Britain will be better off the power of the European Union to control the enterprise and accept the EU immigration requirements. (Editor: Cai Long)

英国宣布6月公投 一旦脱欧衰退概率猛增 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 26日消息,彭博调查的经济学家表示英国公投若赞成离开欧盟将会大幅提高英国朝着经济衰退道路前进的机会。   在英国人于6月份的公投前考量自己在欧盟28国的地位之际,彭博调查的应答者表示,如果投票赞成“离开”,经济遭受重挫的概率激升至40%。在最近的月度民意调查中,预测陷入衰退风险的概率仅为13%。   鉴于关于欧盟的讨论涵盖了移民、主权以及贸易渠道丧失等各种议题,推动英国留在欧盟的人士认为,退出欧盟会影响投资、就业和经济增长。虽然英国经济收复的失地超过了在2008-2009年经济衰退期间的失地,但这花费了四年时间,并且其中有一段期间失业率飙升至16年高点。   曾任职于英国央行[微博]的Investec Plc驻伦敦经济学家Chris Hare说:“会有许多不确定性影响,将大幅拖累经济增长。金融市场很有可能出现波动,英国信贷条件很可能收紧,企业和家庭信心遭受打击,所有因素结合在一起应会拖累经济。” 英国首相卡梅伦   英国首相卡梅伦将率领英国人在6月23日进行公投。他和其他推动留在欧盟的人士表示,退出欧盟会减少贸易机会,降低伦敦作为全球商业和金融枢纽的作用。那些希望离开欧盟的人士表示,摆脱了欧盟管控企业的权力以及有关接受欧盟移民的要求后,英国会更好。   (编辑:蔡龙)相关的主题文章:

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