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City Construction Committee responded to the residents do not pay property costs: consider the corresponding punishment measures, yesterday afternoon, the Municipal People’s Congress held a residential property law enforcement inspection team leader group meeting, exchange discussion, law enforcement inspection. The 6 representative groups invariably talked about the difficulty in paying property fees. Fourth groups of leaders, Chen Xiaohong representatives said, research found that, because the fees and owners can not be consistent, some husband Housing Property on unauthorized withdrawal, residential management fell into paralysis. Also found in law enforcement inspection, some residential property fee rate is too low, the property, the industry committee did not dare to publish, if digital released on time to pay the owners also began to pay. Many representatives mentioned that some residential property service fee, revenue and expenditure is not announced, opaque phenomenon. If this account is made clear, it will greatly increase the rate of property collection. The first group leader, city people’s Congress Zhu Hongming mentioned, their research golden mileage residential property services to adopt a fee system, all receipts and payments at a glance, 2015 property customer satisfaction 91.55%, property fee collection rate 98.26%. But not all property companies have such strict transparent management mechanism. The research team found that some property companies do not rise to retreat to the industry pressure, and the industry is more increase in property company public revenue share, hope in the term worldly-wise and play safe without raising property fees or hiring property services companies and other major owners vote matters, "upgrade the property service fee standard is the most in the future will face the problem of community." In accordance with the provisions of the Shanghai residential property management regulations, the forty-fifth stipulates: "owners do not pay the property service fee, the owners committee should supervise and urge them to pay; property services enterprises can be prosecuted according to law to the people’s court."." "But because of the industry supervision and have no legal effect, and the high cost of property to the court, the number of households did not pay property fees, historical debts, property services business survival difficult." Fifth groups of leaders, Xu Liping representatives believe that to solve this problem, you can establish a residential credit information platform, in the normal circumstances, the owners do not pay the property service fees should be recorded. "Those who do not pay the property fee for a long time, the owners should bear certain legal responsibility, such as a certain amount of overdue fine." Third groups of leaders, municipal people’s Congress Chen Min think, guide industry committee and property service enterprise consultation, determine property service content and charging standard is the general direction. It is suggested that the information release mechanism of the property service market should be established as soon as possible, and the reference information of the realty service content, service standard and service price of each district will be regularly issued by the trade association or the third party intermediary agency, and the regular adjustment will be made every year according to the market development and change. To attend a forum of the Municipal Construction Committee official said, at present, the city of illegal structures, the destruction of housing bearing structure, base rent, refused to pay maintenance funds, has been clear about the implementation of the provisions of the administrative process, such as refusing to correct, will be on the credit list. Next, will be considered for a year for non payment of property charges, and after the three call not the payment behavior of the owners, take appropriate punitive measures. The water meter for the property fee has been dismantled (the video is only for extension) Move your fingers and inquire about traffic violations at any time! Sweep)

市住建委回应居民不缴物业费:考虑相应惩罚措施 昨天下午,市人大常委会召开住宅物业法规执法检查代表小组组长会议,交流座谈执法检查情况。6个代表小组不约而同地谈到了物业费缴纳难的问题。第四组组长、陈小鸿代表说,调研中发现,因为收费与业主达不成一致,有的老公房物业就擅自撤离,小区管理一下子陷入瘫痪。执法检查中还发现,有些小区物业费缴费率太低,物业、业委会也不敢公布,怕数字公布出来,按时缴纳的业主也开始拒交。不少代表提到,一些小区存在物业服务费收支不公布、不透明的现象。如果这本账一旦做清楚了,将大大增加物业收缴率。第一小组组长、市人大代表朱洪明提到,他们调研的金色里程小区物业服务采取酬金制度,所有收支一目了然,2015年度物业客户满意度91.55%,物业费收缴率98.26%。但并非所有物业公司都有这样严谨透明的管理机制。调研小组发现,有些物业公司以不涨就撤退的方式给业委会施加压力,而业委会更多的是增加物业公司公共收益的分成比例,明哲保身地希望在任期内不进行提高物业费标准或选聘物业服务企业等重大的业主大会表决事项,“提升物业服务费标准是绝大部分小区今后将面临的问题。”按照《上海市住宅物业管理规定》第45条规定:“业主逾期不交纳物业服务费的,业主委员会应当督促其交纳;物业服务企业可以依法向人民法院起诉。”“但由于业委会督促并无法律效力,物业向法院起诉成本又高,致使物业费未缴纳户数量大、历史欠账多,物业服务企业生存艰难。”第五组组长、许丽萍代表认为,要解决这个问题,可以建立小区业主征信平台,在正常情况下业主不缴纳物业服务费的应记录在案。“那些长期不缴纳物业费的业主应当承担一定的法律责任,比如一定量的滞纳金。”第三组组长、市人大代表陈敏认为,引导业委会和物业服务企业协商确定物业服务内容和收费标准是大方向。建议尽快落实建立物业服务市场信息发布机制,由行业协会或第三方中介机构定期发布各区物业服务内容、服务标准和服务价格等参考信息,而且每年根据市场发展变化,定期调整。出席座谈的市住建委相关负责人表示,目前,本市对违法搭建、毁坏房屋承重结构,群租、拒交维修资金等行为,已明确规定实施行政处理,如拒不改正,将上征信名单。接下来,将考虑对连续一年不缴物业费,且经过三次催缴而不实行缴费行为的业主,采取相应惩罚措施。 拖欠物业费 水表被拆了 (该视频仅供延展。)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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