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Jin citizens through fraud telephone retaliation more than 40 calls "call you" "I know you are a liar, do not call again."!" Around 17 o’clock yesterday, Mr. Lee saw the public fraud telephone, and on the phone to warn the liar, but this angered the liar. In the next hour, the liar was crazy to call Mr. Lee more than 40 calls, so that Mr. Li want to cry without tears. Around 18 o’clock yesterday, the reporter came to Mr. Li in Nankai District Tianbao road home to see, Lee’s mobile phone is still ringing. Pick up the phone, a man claiming to be "Hui Sheng fund company employees, and said he has inside news show, a fund in the short term will be skyrocketing, recommend to the fund in advance does not charge any fees, Mr. Li benefit, then pay 30% of the proceeds as the recommended fee. Li told reporters that the fund to make money to charge fees, but the loss of money but no compensation, he has long been doing financial investment, this trick has seen many. It is understood that the phone at around day 17 for the first time into the mobile phone Mr. Lee, because he was immediately obvious deception, Lise denounced liar fraud behavior, and said: "you lie, I will alarm!" I didn’t think it angered the cheater. After that, every time Mr. Li hung up the phone, the liar would call again. "It’s the same thing." Mr. Li said, he asked why the liar to fight over, "said liar didn’t respond; call again on the alarm," liar is that "alarm is not afraid of it". In desperation, Mr. Lee will be liar phone number into the blacklist, but the liar immediately replaced with a new number. Until 18 pm the same day, only to stop fraud. Reporters saw in Mr. Lee mobile phone, liar calls have more than 40, its caller ID number 20, the number of territory throughout Shanghai, Guangdong and other places. The cheater should be calling the IP phone that can change the phone number." Mr. Li said that the fraud of this rampant practice seriously affected his life, and make him angry. Yesterday, Mr. Li has been on the matter to the police call the territorial police. Reporter Song Xuefei

津市民识破诈骗电话遭报复 40余个来电“呼死你”   “我都知道你是骗子了,不要再打电话来了!”昨日17时左右,市民李先生识破诈骗电话,并在电话中对骗子进行警告,但这却激怒了骗子。在此后一个小时,该骗子竟疯狂向李先生拨打40余通电话,令李先生欲哭无泪。   昨日18时左右,记者来到李先生位于南开区天宝路的家中看到,李先生的手机仍然响个不停。接起电话,一名男子自称是“徽盛基金公司”的员工,并表示他有内部消息显示,一款基金在短期内就会猛涨,向其推荐该基金先期不收取任何费用,李先生因此受益后,再交纳收益的30%作为推荐费。李先生告诉记者,基金赚钱要收费用,但亏了钱却无人赔偿,他久做理财投资,这种骗术已见过不少。   据了解,该电话在当日17时左右首次打入李先生手机,由于骗术明显,他当时立即厉色斥责骗子的诈骗行径,并表示:“你再骗人,我就报警!”没想到此话激怒了该骗子,此后李先生每次挂断电话后不久,骗子就又会打过来。“还是一样的说辞。”李先生称,他询问骗子为何又打过来,骗子也不回应;表示“再打电话就报警”,骗子则张狂地表示“报警也不怕”。   无奈之下,李先生将骗子的电话号码拉入黑名单,但骗子马上就换新号码打了进来。直至当日18时许,骗子才算罢手。记者在李先生手机中看到,骗子的来电有40多个,其来电号码有20个,号码属地遍及上海、广东等地。“骗子应该是拿可以更改来电号码的IP电话打来的。”李先生表示,骗子这种猖狂的做法严重影响到了他的生活,并令他感到气愤。   昨日,李先生已就此事向来电属地的警方报警。问津记者 宋雪飞相关的主题文章:

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