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Pakistan armed attack University reopened teachers can hold weapons [global network reported] in January 20th, Pakistan Paxiahan University by the Taliban militants, killing at least 20 people were killed. According to the "India times" reported that Pashahan University on Monday, February 15th reopened, but only the teachers are allowed to carry weapons. The school vice president Marwat (Fazal Rahim Marwat) said in an interview, before the opening, the school adopted additional security measures, including the installation of the new camera and hire more armed guards and heightening fences. The University also decided, as long as the display is not in the classroom, teachers can continue to carry their weapons have obtained permission from the school, however, rejected some of the teacher asked the allotment of weapons request. Those who have weapons students must be on campus at the entrance to surrender their weapons. Reported that the guns are rampant in the northwest of Pakistan, and guns is the ingrained cultural tradition of Pashtun tribes. Many school students and their parents and relatives arrived in the campus, they are in class when waiting. Some parents fear because of injuries or not allowed to go to school the students are still absent. (internship compilation: Wang Ying reviewer: Tan Liya) editor: Chen Yan SN225

巴基斯坦遭武装袭击大学重新开学 教师可持武器   【环球网综合报道】1月20日,巴基斯坦帕夏汗大学遭塔利班武装分子袭击,造成至少20人丧生。据《印度斯坦时报》报道,帕夏汗大学已于本周一,即2月15日重新开学,但是只有教师被允许携带武器。   该校副校长马尔瓦特(Fazal Rahim Marwat)受访时说,开学之前,学校采取了额外的安全措施,包括安装新的摄像头、雇佣更多的武装警卫以及加高围墙。该大学还决定,只要不在教室里展示,教师可以继续携带自己已经获得许可的武器,不过,学校拒绝了一些老师要求配发武器的请求。   那些拥有武器的学生必须在校园的入口处交出他们的武器。   报道说,枪支在巴基斯坦西北部是泛滥的,而拥有枪支是该地区普什图部落根深蒂固的文化传统。   许多返校的学生和他们的父母和亲戚一起到达了校园,他们在上课的时候等着。而一些受伤的或者由于父母恐惧而不允许上学的学生依然缺席。(实习编译:王莹 审稿:谭利娅) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

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