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The bus crash caused 1 dead overhead retrograde driver safety driving 400 thousand kilometers – Sohu News newspaper yesterday morning, there are people driving through the Yixian elevated road to see strange things. A 952 bus in Yixian Road Viaduct retrograde, and collided with a van. It is reported that the van driver was killed on the spot. Near the East Yixian elevated road south to North cypress interchange, the accident 952 bus with a normal driving a small van loaded vegetable heads hit together, the bus is empty, no passengers were injured, but the small van driver has died on the spot. Another net friend introduced, at that time he in Wusong bridge near have seen this 952 road all the way through the reverse, although this time is around 5 in the morning, the road has no car, but still let people pinch sweat. 952 road team official said yesterday, a 952 bus is accidentally into the Yixian elevated reverse lane, the company has to cooperate with the police. According to the bus company introduced, someone driver is an experienced driver, the safety mileage reached 400 thousand kilometers, when the bus, in addition to the driver, as well as a conductor and a dispatcher. "We were all surprised, too. It never happened before. The driver is still in the traffic police team to investigate." It is reported that the bus started from retrograde to collision, driving 7 to 8 kilometers distance, "he has at least two opportunities under the elevated, or in ensuring the safety of the situation, find a place wider road U-turn.". But not knowing why, the driver hasn’t turned around or looked for a chance to get down the viaduct." Introduction of the relevant person in charge of the company owned by the fleet. After the accident, the elevated traffic police detachment immediately carry out the relevant investigation and evidence collection work. After preliminary investigation, the traffic police department of the elevated bus has been approved by the Public Security Bureau of Changning for the crime of causing traffic casualties, which has been approved by the Public Security Bureau of the people’s Republic of china.

公交车高架逆行撞车致1死 司机已安全行驶40万公里-搜狐新闻  本报综合 昨日清晨,有市民驾车经过逸仙路高架时看到蹊跷事。一辆952路公交车在逸仙路高架桥上逆行,并与一辆面包车碰撞。据悉,面包车司机被撞当场身亡。   事发逸仙高架路东侧南向北大柏树立交附近,发生事故的952路公交车与一辆正常行驶装蔬菜的小面包车头碰头撞在一起,公交车为空车,无乘客受伤,但小面包车驾驶员已当场死亡。另有网友介绍,当时他在吴淞大桥附近就已经看到这辆952路一路逆行而过,虽然这时是早上5点左右,路上没有什么车,但还是让人捏了把汗。   952路车队一位负责人介绍称,昨晨一辆952公交车确实不慎驶入逸仙高架逆向车道,公司已派员配合警方处理。据公交车公司方面介绍,涉事驾驶员是一名驾驶经验丰富的老司机,安全里程数达到了40万公里,当时公交车上除司机外还有售票员和一名调度员。“我们也都觉得非常吃惊,之前从未发生过这样的事。司机目前还在交警队接受调查。”   据悉,公交车从开始逆行到发生碰撞,行驶了7到8公里的距离,“他至少有两次机会下高架,或者在保证安全的情况下找一处路面宽一点的地方调头。但不知道为什么,司机一直没有调头或找机会下高架。”车队所属公司的相关负责人介绍。   事故发生后,高架交警支队立即开展相关调查取证工作。经初步调查,高架交警部门对大客车当事人王某涉嫌交通肇事罪已提请长宁公安分局对其采取刑事拘留的强制措施,目前已获得批准。相关的主题文章:

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