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6 square meters sold 880 thousand yuan and the city of Paris: do not let the false marketing anxiety – Shanghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: do not let the false marketing with Paris city anxiety original title: do not let the false marketing with Paris city anxiety recently, Shenzhen city of Nanshan District overseas Chinese town is put "6 square meters sold 880 thousand yuan" horrifying news. Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee informed that the project alteration of suspected illegal sales, the real estate intermediary agencies suspected of illegal business has been ordered rectification, has sold the house was asked to cancel the agreement. Some netizens believe that the real estate project the use of exaggeration, false marketing, plays an important role in the property market, standardize the management suggestions of regulators to strengthen the real estate marketing, intermediary industry, thorough investigation of such illegal behavior, and earnestly safeguard the market environment, is expected to stabilize the property market, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Marketing is "tricks" Sunzhao in this year’s hot property market, emerge in an endless stream a variety of marketing tools, increased the public anxiety over high housing prices. Such as the Shenzhen overseas Chinese town house project is the ad said, "overseas Chinese town 6 square meters hardcover" very small "to print out of print, print life space, low price, easy installation Shenzhen power" and other words, under the guise of overseas Chinese town, with exaggerated expression of packaging of the project, the purchase of the housing buy impulses to stimulate the potential. In addition, overseas Chinese city is just like a second-hand housing sales, but advertising is a new house pre-sale, and introduced the model, there is hype phenomenon. In addition, the "eilleen" think, "opening the sold out rhetoric are developers usual tricks, is essentially a hunger marketing, especially in the hot property market, some developers for the pursuit of sales rate, often through the cover disc Xishou and virtual CD holiday behavior, man-made housing tension, it is easy to appear emergency room, drive up prices phenomenon, caused by the hot property market, a real hard situation, disrupt the normal market order." There are friends that not only some developers have disrupted the market order behavior, real estate intermediary providing false information, malicious raise prices, forgery proof and other illegal acts, also the healthy operation of the market has great harm. Strengthen supervision and standardize operation of many users believe that developers should prosecute false marketing, in addition, the current domestic real estate intermediary practitioners uneven, illegal low cost, easily lead to employees so the industry standard operating level use unscrupulous divisive tactics, should be strengthened. Netizen "Wang Feng" believes that the current threshold of real estate marketing industry, the intermediary industry is relatively low, the rapid expansion in the background, barbaric growth, some marketing agencies, intermediary to seek maximum benefits, at the cost of illegal operation, to mislead the public for normal expectations of the property market, industry operation should be standardized. Suggestions to crack down on false Day CD, cover disc Xishou behavior. At the same time, the real estate intermediary supervision, once found illegal operation of the real estate intermediary, or the existence of false information, malicious drive up prices, disrupt the market order, will be severely dealt with. Some Internet users believe that the price of Dove "cage" is a true portrayal of Shenzhen and a second tier city market crazy mode. From the root)

6平方米卖88万元:莫让虚假营销加重楼市焦虑情绪–上海频道–人民网 原标题:莫让虚假营销加重楼市焦虑情绪   原标题:莫让虚假营销加重楼市焦虑情绪   近日,深圳市南山区侨城尚寓“6平方米售卖88万元”的新闻令人咋舌。深圳市规划和国土资源委员会通报称,该项目涉嫌违法改建销售,有关房地产中介机构涉嫌违法违规经营已被责令整改,已经售出的房子也被要求解除协议。   网友认为,一些房地产项目使用夸张、不实的营销方式,对楼市起了推波助澜的作用,建议监管层加强房地产营销、中介行业的规范管理,严查此类违法违规行为,切实维护市场环境,稳定楼市预期,保护消费者合法权益。   营销“奇招”实为“损招”   在今年火爆的楼市行情中,各种营销手段层出不穷,加重了公众对高房价的焦虑情绪。   如深圳侨城尚寓项目广告中称,“华侨城6平米精装极小户”“以绝版空间、绝版生活、绝版低价,助力轻松安家深圳”等字眼,假借华侨城的名义,利用夸张的表述包装这一项目,刺激潜在买房者的购房冲动。另外,侨城尚寓是二手房,但销售广告像是新房预售,并推出样板间,存在夸大宣传现象。   除此之外,网友“eilleen”认为,“开盘即售罄等说辞都是开发商惯用的伎俩,本质上就是饥饿营销,尤其是在楼市热销期,有些开发商为追求销售率,往往通过捂盘惜售和虚假日光盘等行为,人为制造房源紧张气氛,很容易出现抢房、哄抬房价等现象,造成楼市火爆、一房难求的局面,扰乱正常的市场秩序。”   还有网友表示,不光部分开发商存在扰乱市场秩序的行为,地产中介提供虚假房源信息、恶意抬高房价、伪造证明等不法行为,同样对市场的健康运行危害巨大。   加强监管规范运营   不少网友认为,开发商虚假营销要严查,另外,目前国内房地产中介从业人员参差不齐,违规成本低,极易导致从业人员不择手段,因此行业运营规范程度亟待加强。   网友“王峰”认为,当前房地产营销行业、中介行业门槛较低,在迅速扩张、野蛮生长的背景下,一些营销机构、中介为寻求利益最大化,不惜违法操作、误导公众对于楼市的正常预期,行业运营亟待规范。建议严厉打击虚假“日光盘”、捂盘惜售的行为。同时,对地产中介加大监管力度,一旦发现有违规操作的地产中介,或存在制造虚假信息、恶意哄抬房价、扰乱市场秩序的行为,将严肃处理。   有网友认为,天价“鸽子笼”是深圳乃至一二线城市楼市疯狂模式的真实写照。要从根本上解决居民住房难问题,除了规范房地产商和中介的行为,更需要增加住房用地供应总量,加大房屋供应,严格限制投资投机性需求,让房屋回归居住本质。   (记者 明航 整理) (责编:严远、轩召强)相关的主题文章:

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