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Yoga Yoga means the group of spiritual practices, not the asanas part of it which has become known as simply yoga in the West. The Kundalini is the bodys natural energy of spiritual enlightenment. This Kundalini energy lies coiled at the base of the spine, dormant in all humans. The aim of kundalini yoga is not really to awaken the power of man, but rather to bring the power down to earth or to bring the power of the unconscious or higher consciousness, to normal consciousness. We have no need to awaken the consciousness, for it is ever awake. We have only to gain complete control over our higher conscious forces. By means of kundaiini yoga we just try to bring the centers from mooladhara to ajna into operation so that the higher knowledge will be gradually revealed to us. At Soundbodytrainer we aim to provide a programme suitable for all our customers, regardless of age or ability. To help you pursue a healthy and active lifestyle we offer a wide variety of fitness classes, which will appeal to both men and women. The team of instructors is all fully qualified professionals. The soundbodytrainer programme offers a variety of fitness classes throughout the week, including Aerobics, Beginners Yoga, Body Tone, Body Combat, Body Pump, Circuits, Core Conditioning, Dynamic Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Legs, Bums and Tums, Pilates, Step, Street Dance, Stretch & Strengthen and Total Body Conditioning. At a Soundbody trainer Kundalini Yoga gym we aim to provide the most welcoming and motivating environments to help you achieve your fitness goals. Introductions are an essential one off session to ensure you understand and operate the equipment properly and safely, resulting in maximum benefits from your exercise programme. In kumdalini yoga it was discovered that the different parts of the brain are connected with the chakras. Please Purchase and download online .soundbodytrainer.. in NewYork city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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