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Food-and-Drink Vitamix blenders are high quality blenders that will out perform and out last any kitchen appliance. With a minimum 2 horse power motor, these blenders will out perform other small kitchen appliance. Use the vitamix blender to make soups, smoothies, pesto, RAW juices, grain grinding, sauces, dips, ice cream or any other blending need. The vitamix makes it easier than ever to eat healthy and introduce more fruits and vegetables into your diet. The machine is compact enough to fit on any kitchen counter space and versatile for everyday cooking. The controls are easy to use and simple to understand with variable speed levers that allow the user to start off slowly and gradually increase speed. Also, the lid and vent hole cover are easy to put on and feel durable. Add that to the stainless steel blades that ensure consistent mixtures and a stable base, and the vitamix blender will be the last blender you ever buy. Although the price tag ranges from $200 to $500, most consumers who have purchased this product insist it is the best thing out there and totally worth every penny. There are so many features that set the vitamix apart. Food preparation takes only minutes and there aren’t any multiple parts to disassemble which makes clean up a breeze. Pros: * easy to clean * powerful * precise controls * stable * high quality * multiple uses * 7 year warranty Cons: * loud * expensive The bottom line is, once you decide to take the plunge and purchase this blender, you will use it every day. For more information please visit: http://www.buyblenders.net About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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