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Health The flu is different than the .mon cold and its good how to prevent it because it can be painful. Getting a flu and getting a cold can both make a person feel like the walking dead but they are not the same even though they are both caused by viruses. When someone has a cold they are usually talking about the symptoms but a variety of viruses can infect them. The flu is mostly caused by something known as an influenza virus. The flu is more series than a cold and can last longer. Do you believe that you can name the biggest symptom of the flu that is not the same as the .mon cold? One of the trademarks that is associated with the flu is that a person can receive a fever and their temperature can reach a 100 degrees. Grapes contain an ingredient that is called resveratrol and this substance can help destroy flu symptoms in a person. The good news is the health experts have studied this resveratrol on mice that had influenza and they discovered that it was nearly 90% effective with damaging the replication of the virus. Also this nutrient can assist with strengthening a persons immune system and this can help fight the flu ailment. To give you an idea on how it can do this is because it can lower inflammation in a person. Inflammation is the process in which the immune system attacks healthy cells. Sort of like when the police are chasing down petty crime rather than going after the real criminals that are doing lots of harm. Grapes also make something known as grape seed extract which has tons of benefits. Not only can this extract help with the flu it can prevent aging, wrinkles, heart disease as well as cancer. A major way that grape seed extract can prevent and heal wrinkles is that it has something called antioxidants. It can also strengthen the collagen, which not only helps with wrinkles but with scarring as well. The bad news is that clinical studies have not proven many of these advantages to humans but lots of research and theories are sounding very hopeful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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