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UnCategorized Normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes are different in so many ways. Here are a few examples to tell the difference between them. Normal cigarettes leave things behind in your home and in your body. The things that it will leave in your home can be very hard to clean off and get rid of. The things that it leaves behind in your body will do a lot of damage after a while and the damages can be very bad. This is all because of the tobacco, the paper, the tar, and all of the thousands of chemicals that they have in them. With a normal cigarette you are going to end up with a nasty cough and many other thing. When you use an e-cigarette, you do not get all the nasty things that .e from a normal cigarette, such as the harmful tobacco, tar, the smoke .ing from the cigarette while it is lit, all the residue that it can leave behind, and more. Your home will not get damaged by an e-cigarette and there will be no smell of smoke in your home either. Normal cigarettes will do this. It will leave your home smelling like a cigarette and the same thing with your clothes. E-cigarettes will not because there is no tobacco in it and the smoke is water vapor. You do not have to worry about burn holes in your clothes and in your furniture. E-cigarettes will not release second-hand smoke to others, which is good for everyone. It will not turn your fingers or your teeth yellow. Your body will not smell like smoke or an ash tray. Your eyes will not burn due to the smoke because there is no smoke to strain your eyes to look through. For you ladies that smoke, you will not have to worry so much about having one of those bad hair days as there will be none of that heavy smoke to ruin your hair and the way it looks. For you guys, you will not have to worry so much about acne on your face because your skin will be able to breathe. It will not leave your walls, ceiling, or your whole home stained. Your walls will not turn brown or a dark yellow color and your windows will not be.e sticky or look foggy. With the e-cigarette, you will not have the ash tray, lighters, and cigarette butts. You will not have all of the other things associated with that normal cigarettes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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