9.24-9.25 weekly prices fell off a cliff more than a single release of crude silver operational reco 3u8813

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9.24-9.25 weekly prices fell off a cliff more than a single release of crude silver operational recommendations Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The temptation to be The courageous are free from fear. News: "Xiao Xiao loser", this proverb to describe the trend of crude oil on Friday a little too much. At first, it was announced that if Iran agreed to limit its output to 3 million 600 thousand barrels a day this year, Saudi Arabia would agree to cut production, but the proposal has not yet been accepted by Iran. The news revealed optimistic expectations for the OPEC agreement, although not confirmed, the trend of crude oil stabilized up immediately. Iran is unlikely to agree on the current level of oil production, which may mean that Iran will reject the Saudi proposal. In addition, Saudi Arabia is also expected that the OPEC meeting will not be decided. The market is expected to fall back to sell, oil prices fell sharply, a decline of nearly 3.5[%]. Ruan Shu Yao: summary of the current investors informal meeting for next week whether OPEC can reach an agreement were skeptical, Ruan Shu Yao that oil prices have assimilated people pessimistic about the OPEC meeting is expected, so if the OPEC meeting no substantive progress, it will be in people’s expectations, the price is expected to be bad very limited. This week, the trend of crude oil asphalt is quite exciting, after bottoming – brewing pulled up sharply — blocked down three steps, Friday from Saudi Arabia and Iran staged a play and increase the total number of American petroleum drilling, the crude oil market began to fall, feel sad for the prospect of oil prices again, estimated this week a lot of friends are single investment quilt, open over the weekend, have a nice weekend? Ruan Shuyao just wanted to ask, "why is it so many times to remind you that you don’t want to stop? Why do you like anti single?" Ruan Shu Yaowei letter rsy3155 in the previous article also more than once two times mentioned the problem, but the inverse line still has a lot of investors. The analysis of oil market trend next Monday: from speaking words, not to pay attention to the technical level, as long as there is no good news of the basic oil, oil prices will continue to be more optimistic about the next week into the abyss, Ruan Shu Yaowei letter rsy3155 bear trend. In fact, according to Ruan Shu Yao’s real idea, is not willing to go to the so-called price analysis give next week. There will always be some unexpected news, as the dramatic Iran and Saudi Arabia will be on Friday, because of a freeze meeting next week. Difficult to predict the news will greatly enhance the operational risk. But the operation must always have a direction, it is in the current environment to give the appropriate analysis, the future of our future. From the point of view of crude oil daily on Friday, a big line swallowed two days or, in the face of news to stimulate oil prices long weak, the overall channel Bollinger Bands are run down trend, the slow line system is slightly downward trend, K line running on the cloth belt rail upper edge, blocked by the 4 rail on相关的主题文章:

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