A 23 year old female college students to earn extra money for selling fake fat dissolving needle (vi-footman

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A 23 year old female college students to earn extra money selling fake fat dissolving needle jailed for female college students apply a trial in the Shijingshan court, the court for the crime of selling fake drugs sentenced to prison for 1 and a half years. A 23 year old female college students apply a to earn extra money, through the sale of fat dissolving needle, but the 29 year old Ms. Stone in fat soluble sales after the injection needle, waist and legs appear different degree of bruising, fester. After identification, Shen fat soluble needle sales is fake, yesterday morning, the application of a trial in Shijingshan court, and the court in the crime of selling counterfeit sentenced to imprisonment for 1 and a half years. Fake fat needle fat necrosis caused by 1993 was born in Shandong, a college student. Yesterday morning, a childish face wearing a Gray Hoodie Shen to appear in court, the parents also arrived from his home in Beijing to attend the case. It is alleged that in September 2014, Shen will be a box of honey Labelle fat dissolving needle needle to lose weight the sales price of 1300 yuan to the criminal suspect where a (handled separately), which after a 1850 yuan in the price of drugs sold to the victim Ms. stone. In the absence of any medical qualifications, where a room in Shijingshan, a Fasthotel in the abdomen and legs of Ms. Shi injection, and received an injection fee of 1400 yuan. Later, Ms. Stone was injected with skin infection phenomenon of abscess after liposuction, the diagnosis of fat necrosis, medical expenses of more than 100 thousand yuan, and the degree of injury identified is a minor one. By the Shijingshan District food and Drug Administration identified, Shen, where a sale of honey Labelle fat dissolving needle is fake. Shijingshan procuratorate finds that, where a, Shen suspicion of selling counterfeit crime, caused great harm to the victim and criminal responsibility should be investigated. When the electricity supplier and selling to earn money for the prosecution alleged Shen said recognition, she said sales of fat dissolving needle is to earn pocket money, when asked about his own sales fat dissolving needle quality, curative effect, no side effect, the application of a face: "I am also from a micro business buy, not clear there is no qualification." Shen admitted that he played the ad and the use of renderings are online plagiarism, he is not an agent, there is no actual use, do not have business qualifications. That Ms. Shi was injured, Beijing to find someone to a certain, two people went to the hospital to see the stone lady. My parents have been urging me to solve this problem, so after receiving the police call, they accompany me to the police station." Just last month, 29, another defendant who also in the same court trial. Where a said in court, and their application of certain knowledge, buy fat dissolving needle was found herself pregnant cannot be used on the fat dissolving needle to Ms. stone. Finally, where a Shijingshan court was sentenced to imprisonment in three years and six months, and fined five thousand yuan. After the incident Shen, where each of them to pay 50 thousand Yuan Shi Shi, but did not get an understanding. Ms. Stone has filed a criminal incidental civil lawsuit, requires two defendants compensation for medical expenses, lost income, transportation costs 1 million 40 thousand yuan. Two of his relatives attended the trial yesterday as an agent. Shijingshan court held that the prosecution allegations have been established, the court of first instance to sales相关的主题文章:

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