A bull market is expected next year. pork face

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A bull market is expected next year the arrival of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest fell 60 million – Qin Shanghai stock index this week nearly 3100 points, the overall market remained cautious, especially in markets around the Hongkong market bull market, the valuation of the central move, active stocks, the market value of the stock rose steadily. In Europe and the United States, the gradual spread of the bubble market liquidity impact, emerging markets gradually active. This round of liquidity into the bull market may be transferred to A shares. A shares and Hong Kong stocks have many characteristics similar, such as the long-term decline after the lack of decent rebound, the motherboard valuation is still low, these are hedge funds where love withdraw from the bull market bubble in europe. Hong Kong stocks through a long-term consolidation in the economic malaise in the background, many of the company’s stock price has actual value is seriously out of PB less than 1, many large shareholders can not accept meet the eye everywhere, the low stock repurchase, began a large-scale privatization, which shows that Hong Kong stocks appear significantly undervalued. Look at the A shares, although small record valuations are not low, many blue chips in the industry downturn stage, but after experiencing the supply side reforms to production of many traditional industries, the remaining enterprises turn a good momentum of profit, the valuation basis related to the company’s stable even rise, investment value gradually reflected, it is to attract outside the capital good selling point. Valuation of the attractiveness may be concentrated at the end of this year, that is to say, China’s economic downturn will appear next year. The reform of state-owned enterprises is a big chess bureau, has now formed spark liaoyuanzhishi. This year, the pace of reform of state-owned enterprises has not slowed down, generally in accordance with the maturity of a complete a rhythm, as several large group pilot has initially completed the reorganization and reform, the market reaction is positive, the group’s Blue-chip company after the reorganization, to eliminate competition, improve the industrial chain. The intrinsic value is more stable. It can be said that the reform of state-owned Blue-chip company gave the market a stable valuation basis. Next, the reform of the poor performance of state-owned listed companies is the market. This kind of love, the reorganization of the company is a brand new type of backdoor restructuring or asset injection, A shares from a historical perspective, investors prefer or this type, promote the enthusiasm on the market as a whole is huge. This type of state-owned enterprises will be the end of this year or early next year, Paul shell war, is expected to lead the A shares into a bull market. Short term market adjustment may be inevitable, but after the adjustment of the market focus will be more clear, I am optimistic about the two types of stocks. From the short-term market trend, 3100 regional consolidation time is too long, effective breakthrough has been difficult to form, from the long drive down analysis point of view, the market will inevitably re adjustment. However, due to the mobility has begun to shift to emerging markets, the future of the adjustment process is also the process of continuing to inject funds to bring us a better opportunity to absorb the subject. The two class can continue to be optimistic about the medium-term stock holdings, is a class of recently has been adjusted for a period of time the upgrading of advanced manufacturing stocks, their value over time will gradually highlight, the long-term bull market will continue; the other is a class of enterprise reform相关的主题文章:

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