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A good soothing towel will bring benefits to the baby? Sohu give birth to maternal and child was born a few months to buy what to play, what kind of toys are safe at home? Most people to comfort the towel is not very understanding, with a few soothing towel is very popular in foreign countries for children, but also before the baby is born, the mother must give the baby. We do some small science here: mothers generally come into contact with in store is a pacifier, appease the towel products is relatively small, it is the same and pacifiers, as the name suggests is to appease the baby napkin to appease, is the baby born by rubbing, scratching, pulling, biting action to resolve after the mother left the psychological desire comfort is the first baby growth partners, indispensable to promote sensory function, the best playmate appease stable baby crying mood! Is the best play to accompany the baby to sleep. Even, soft toys can bring the child’s psychological sense of security, but also the convenience of the design of the baby to grasp and bite. This toy is because the baby will take around whenever and wherever possible, sleep to take hold, commonly known as the baby was born to appease the towel, from the beginning to the 2 year old, this baby is a safe childhood buddy. "In Europe is a lot of kids were standing belongings, now more and more domestic experts also recommend 1 years old baby with soothing towel. Cuski soothing towel concise style, practical, humanized design special prevent towel to cover the baby to appease the muzzle, danger of suffocation, and can promote the baby brain perception, is also a very nice little toys, materials are made of natural organic bamboo fiber safety soft, antibacterial, prevent and improve the phenomenon of baby skin eczema. In the baby can also be used to wipe saliva, sweat, milk stains and other functions, but also to exercise baby hand strength. Can be suspended for the baby to play in the process of providing different feelings. Different fabric color and material collocation, let the baby from a different world. Each baby must have such a soothing towel, which is not the general meaning of plush toys Oh, in fact, this is a small partner of the baby, do not look down on her meaning. Bao Baogang was born into this world, because always want to seize what strange things, sometimes need to suck the towel, slobber is such a doll to appease the function, can relieve the baby strangeness, tension. Adults may think the baby is small still don’t understand, in fact, the baby will know, the baby woke up at night, you can reach out and catch the familiar comfort doll, will have a sense of security, will continue to sleep at ease. And other children can see things, the first thing to see is that this small partner, whether the baby happy or sad, have a small partner to accompany, will be very intimate oh. So, whether you give the baby how much to buy a doll, please remember to choose only 1 to 2 last forever (2 to clean the exchange or loss of substitute) regardless of sleep, go out, always can see the baby from his close. Let the baby hand hook to belong to his playmates, 12 months later, the baby can walk, often with his buddy at home, mom and Dad took him相关的主题文章:

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