A lot of food in Hong Kong Xiamen Huandao Road Seafood good place – and Sohu nlite

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A good place for a lot of tower head road – Hong Kong food | Huandao Road Xiamen seafood to eat and drink a lot of food in Hong Kong Sohu is located in Xiamen Island tower head, seafood dishes, the main Fujian local fresh ingredients, rich dishes, taste good. The facade is yellow red traditional local food stalls, food on the wall picture and price, the store has a seafood pond with a variety of fresh seafood, make people feel very warm. The store is a simple, generous, there are boxes of the hall, a good dining environment. The first dish is king crab, too, so do the two disc, are ginger and spicy, big thick crab, crab legs, crab full compaction, ginger spicy delicious, fun, gobble down. Braised Abalone, abalone is bigger, fleshy resilience, cooking flavor, taste and taste. Steamed lobster Australian Lobster, big big, with beautiful patterns, lobster white jade, full Q, very delicious, underneath the fans are also very good oh. Boiled shrimp, shrimp big shrimp, full compaction, with elastic teeth, sweet taste delicious, I love it is boiled, can eat authentic seafood. Dangshen Decoction Tulong wolfberry, rich soup is delicious, warm a bowl of wine, suddenly feel comfortable, nourishing the body, just the effect. The soup is very tender delicious meat too long, remember to eat out Oh, the colloid rich and beauty. Steamed fish is a tiger grouper, big fish, taste thick, firm and delicate delicious taste, with the delicious onion, taste good, soon to be carved a space. Boiled seafood, a pot of red look very attractive, the pot full of shrimp, squid, clam, the ingredients are fresh, spicy and delicious, very enjoyable. Fried pork, cooked but very delicious dish, salty spicy delicious meal, with good food. Crispy pork, fried sweet crisp, and grasp the good, no not just perfect. Green pepper fish rolls, fish roll is a feature of Fujian delicacy, made the fish cake, when sliced cooked food, full of fish. Small shrimp fried mustard, with bitter fragrance, refreshing taste, degrease, fever. Fried rice noodles seafood ingredients, good rich, there are a lot of squid, shrimp and other seafood, it is a really Fried rice noodles, fried evenly tasty, good food. The weekend at noon to eat such a sumptuous meal, leave with, go out to walk the road around the island, isn’t it a pleasure to look at the sea.相关的主题文章:

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