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A writer has put more than and 400 financial institutions flicker source: WeChat public number "of Chinese military strategy" Author: Yu de Lvliang late in February 3, 2001, he was arrested by the police in Beijing is located in the Les Loges Du Park Hotel in Beichen, he is a famous entrepreneur and the top stock, he was arrested for allegedly manipulating a series of stock price, cause more than 5 billion yuan of losses to investors. For the arrival of the police, Lvliang did not feel panic, on the contrary, he had a long sigh of relief, his face was relaxed smile. For why he is so unusual, a financial commentator explained, "he (Lvliang) now felt to be in prison than to stay out of being hunted more security." People who want to "kill" Lvliang are said to be his partners, those who work with him to manipulate the stock price and cost more than 5 billion yuan. The reason why these people want to kill Lvliang, because Lvliang did a crazy thing. 2001 New Year’s day, Lvliang met with the editor of a financial media in the private villa, and through to the outside world that the financial institutions, and his co distribution in the country, more than and 400, many of them famous, and he is writing a "banker readme", ready to put these institutions and their whole scandal doulou. Obviously, Lvliang has decided to take the initiative to plead guilty, so he is not afraid of the police come, on the contrary, he hoped that the Justice Department and the Commission to subpoena him, shut him up. Unfortunately, his desire to come to nothing, the police just for his residential surveillance, which let fear seized him again. Thinking after he decided to escape, fled to no one knows his place. In February 9th, he wore a military coat, quietly left his luxury villa, disappeared in early spring in Beijing billowing stream. A scholar’s change in Lvliang was originally a scholar, but finally embarked on the road of Zuozhuang, this is a very interesting thing. Born in 1956, Lv Xinjian, formerly known as Lvliang, is good at writing and painting. In 1988, he edited the "harvest" in Ba Jin published the novella "country" magazine by readers and literary critics. His painting is very good, in 1989 as a large-scale literary bimonthly "Oriental Chronicle" special art. However, after 1990, Lvliang is no longer engaged in literary and artistic creation, and turned to financial writing, mainly to write the stock market. In 1992, he wrote a book called "1990 ~ 1991" China stock frenzy "record" book, one part of the content published in May 2nd in the "China Business Times". The creation of the book and the capital market in the year of a matter. In January of that year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen began to pop a new subscription card draw list, investors can purchase the new shares by the ballot table, then the stock market is very hot, as long as enough to get a license to get rich. The story has inspired other wealth, the whole country people floating, many people are fantasy flourishes. There is "ancient" satirical meaning of Lvliang book, write a book, he is not a shareholder, is not respected speculation, but this situation will soon change. August, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the issuance of 500 million shares of domestic public shares,;相关的主题文章:

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