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A man’s face! Three million SUV more luxurious than BBA grade! Sohu – car of a successful man must need a car to bring their own identity, while BBA has always been the evergreen tree million in SUV, but I think in the Mercedes BMW rotten street China, in fact there are so few cars than BBA more luxurious, more taste! Martha Lahti, after Porsche launched Levante SUV, known as the "Queen of sports" Martha Lahti also launched its first SUV Levante (Levante? Ray?). With this reputation, with less than 1 million of the price, I think this car crazy in the circle has been robbed of Nouveau riche! The needless to say, the Trident LOGO with large grille is very powerful, very aggressive. Four frameless doors design can also show its revealed from the bones of the air show. The tail is followed by a family of design. The whole car is in full compliance with the design of the family, and not what innovative place, although Martha Lahti’s design is art, but that several spell SUV really looks a bit messy (face very fierce, from the side and back thought it was a Martha GT). In addition to the use of sports car on the orange cortex also highlights the sense of movement, both in the interior design or the details of the performance is very general. (people do super run to do so). Focus on power. 3.0T turbocharged engine maximum torque 500N.m and its matching is a lighter than the dual clutch 8 speed automatic gearbox. In my opinion, the dynamic performance of this car is its real selling point. Two, Volvo XC90 compared with Martha’s wild high-profile, XC90 can be said to be synonymous with low-key luxury connotation, XC90 is very suitable for those in love but low-key person. The new generation of XC90 the punchline is called the "hammer of Thor" headlights, sharp personality and fashion. Rich Nordic style interior will make your eyes bright, no German luxury brand that makeup, the interior of the XC90 will give you a home feeling exquisite simplicity. The 2.0T engine may be the trough point you, but don’t blow is not black, this 2.0T is really very tough, regardless of speed or high speed overtaking cruise capability in the two booster power. Speaking of Volvo will have to say its security performance, XC90 in terms of passive security can be described as an invincible presence. In terms of active safety, the city’s security system can fully protect the safety of the occupants within 130km H. Is not the holy crap? Three, Lincoln pilot this car is pure American luxury car, everything is so great, everything is so not to stick at trifles, everything is so pure. Or that sentence, such a huge monster in front of you, you can drive less than 1 million, the pursuit of large people can start the nouveau riche. Look in addition to the intake grille you won’t find out more Lincoln family style!相关的主题文章:

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