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A red one white "Chinese parents wisdom" no good! Sohu – a mother blush, a white face, your singing? Words, many families take the parents "a cop, a cop way of education. "Children have to be afraid of it!" "A strict Yici" isn’t family education standard?" "The child TA father TA mother said is not right, I correct?" …… Today, those things we have to talk about the "red song.". "Red drama first fold: as the" audience "children:" red drama "second fold" audience ": as a child:" red drama "article seventy percent off: as the" audience "children: look, if the parents in front of children a harsh blame a gentle love good cop, bad cop, will bring so much negative influence to the children. For a long time, there will be a "legacy" parent-child relationship symptoms: two symptoms: three symptoms: so, both parents are good agreement with a stern, a gentle, or do not agree with each other because of concept of divergence is not desirable in front of the children of the "red song.". And give you one by one. Agreed with the type: in fact, you think of the match, in the eyes of the child is precisely not cooperate performance. "Why mom and dad always’ fight ‘?", "why can’t they agree to do one thing?" at the end of the day, if the parents education idea is consistent with a red one white, then there must be a party is playing "strict" or "kindness". Along with the age and growth of knowledge, one day the kids will see your tricks. This in the final analysis is not trust children, the child is not honest means. To establish a good parent-child relationship don’t trust each other? You can do: a prescription prescription two divided type: compared to agree with the deliberate "red face", disagreement can cause "red face" often debate more intense and more difficult to compromise. Children can be very sensitive to emotional perception, the debate between parents and even quarrel is not conducive to children to create a healthy, warm environment for growth. The lack of a sense of security and stability, loophole, jianfengshiduo character may have the form. Do not do not love children, do not want the child’s good parents, so you think the other side of the "wrong" is likely to have no understanding of each other’s original intention. You can do this: a prescription two to educate children, Yan Hao, CI or good, remember to follow the principle of consistency". Parenting is not singing, not simply a face, a man will be able to complete the entire story, solve all the problems. However, as the last picture "bad cop" parents of doubt, want to avoid child drag dawdle problems, how to do? Or, the problem is more extensive, in the face of a variety of small children, parents how to do? Parents set an example to help children develop goals, through the story.相关的主题文章:

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