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In all kinds of embarrassing bike sharing management experts: supporting measures to follow up whether the v-mobile bike or enjoy the ride travel, they in vehicle management have encountered all kinds of "awkward" original title: "sharing travel" can solve the last mile problem? Trainee reporter Wu Zhengbin Pan Wen Uber’s "Mobell bicycle bicycle Version (MOBIKE)", and a shared version of the Uber electric bicycle travel mode became popular. Recently, residents living in Minhang found that in the district open space, subway station, surrounded by shopping malls suddenly more than a row of green energy saving electric bicycle, enjoy riding travel is the same way to share the trip. This model can solve the problem of the last mile of the city? How far is the mode of sharing travel? Whether the v-mobile bike or enjoy the ride travel, they in vehicle management have encountered all kinds of embarrassing: sharing software integrity, obstruction has become the biggest problem. How to share the economy for the city to bring a better way to travel, the need for entrepreneurial team, users and urban managers work together. Enjoy the use of the scope of the ride is limited to the urban road, a row of green energy-saving electric bicycle quite compelling, riding more people than watching. Enjoy the ride travel reporter downloaded APP, and complete the real name registration and deposit in APP (refundable) after payment, choose a car to scan the code, the APP display, the car’s power and is expected to be riding distance, after unlocking is completed by car. Compared with the body weight, the damping effect is poor, slightly up quite laborious Mobell riding bike, the car has the advantages of small size, the fastest speed can reach 25 kilometers per hour, the whole is very light. To reach the designated area after the car, click on APP on the car can be. Although the v-mobile cycling mode and similar, but in order to facilitate the staff to give electric vehicle charging battery, enjoy the ride travel set the car rental area (DOT), only to arrive in the area to the car successfully. Therefore, compared to the v-mobile bicycle, enjoy the ride to travel more limited scope of use. APP information on the confusion of people enjoy the information on the ride to travel on APP also makes a lot of people feel lost. Ms. Nguyen from the Xhenzhuang subway station to get home six or seven kilometers away, before they are on public transport, cycling and then feel too far, and now can be used to rent energy-saving electric bicycle is very convenient. However, Ms. Nguyen encountered a lot of problems in the process of using, "a few times a car is not reaching the designated area, click the ‘car’ no response, has been in a rented state, can only look at the balance slowly detained end. Sometimes, APP obviously shows around the car, but can not find to find, very embarrassing." The management of vehicles to build credit system to solve these problems, the responsible person said to enjoy travel ride, enjoy the ride after travel car rental is conducted by WeChat public number, just use the new APP, these days are to carry out a large-scale upgrading, estimated in two or three months can be perfect. Compared to the imperfections of the software, all kinds of embarrassment encountered on the vehicle management is more worried about them. And as Mobell 7相关的主题文章:

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