A sneeze can infect 5 people, why you are burning for 500 Wandu. – Science and technology Sohu stand by me shinee

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A sneeze can infect 5 people, why you are burning 500 million. – Communication Technology Sohu virus is not a magic powder, sprinkle with any product, can make it a burst of red? The answer is bound to be negative. Over the past few years in the Silicon Valley fast start-up companies, each with its own unique marketing rules. For the type of Instagram products, if you can get the potential user exclaimed "how is this possible?!", a new user into almost has the That’s final. But for Paypal such products, may invite new users to send 15 bonus will be more attractive. In this article, the author will be arranged the spread of the virus means the history of similar, and according to the characteristics of the product, recommended mode of transmission of the virus of different types. Of course, no matter how different, but the same thing: the logic behind all the viral marketing, the purpose is to call up some ideas in the embedding, potential users, tell them that the product can help solve their problems. We plan the translator translated this article, I hope to help you develop ideas, to make their own explosion models: five) viral — you choose the most suitable product development that a Josh Elman source Greylock Perspective wrote a lot of people seem to art Yin Fei, the so-called "viral marketing" is just a kind of magic powder: Sprinkle with any product, can let its overnight explosion of red. In fact, viral marketing has more than one routine. For those successful companies, they are based on the user, product characteristics summed up many unique ways. Here, I would like to those common viral marketing methods to sort out. As an entrepreneur, you need to think as much as possible: how to give the public a chance to learn about your product? This usually has the following steps: "thinking the spread of the virus to arouse the curiosity of the user. Pictured Adobe Creative Cloud creative advertising. However, the discussion is not the last step. How to teach users to use appropriate language to introduce this product to others? How to encourage users to talk to others about this product? Only solve these two problems, viral marketing is really starting. For example, do you need to add incentives to the product and market? Or, how can you share them with others when the user creates some tangible, sharable elements, such as photos and videos? When potential users see these content, and how to guide them on board, become your new user? For the spread of the virus, the most basic element is the "awakening" (Inception). Your goal is to embed, or wake up, an idea in someone else’s mind, telling them that the product can solve problems and arouse their curiosity. In other words, you need to think about a question: why do potential users want to know and try your product? The following is my summary of the 5 types of viral marketing: 01 word-of-mouth marketing相关的主题文章:

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