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A son and a woman together"! Today, Chen Yao gave birth to daughter named "little jasmine" Chen Yao gave birth to her daughter ifeng.com entertainment news the morning of November 9th, the 37 year old Chen Yao in the hospital gave birth to daughter daughter, weighing six pounds 72, birth, her daughter safe, a son and a woman get into a "good" two things. It is reported that Chen Yao was admitted to the hospital this morning, the second is the birth in the operation room, spent about 30 minutes out. Baby weighs six pounds 72, very healthy, and named "little jasmine". Now father and son Cao small potatoes in the care, small potatoes staring at my sister, because is too small, "when suddenly did not react" little brother, one family very happy. Chen Yao pregnant beauty according to the first son of the first son of potatoes in the evening of July 15, 2013, 7:45 was born in. Held in April 24, 2016 film "dream partner" conference, the 37 year old Chen Yao said: "November is pregnant with a second child can give small potatoes add a buddy!" Yao Chenting earlier in August to attend the award ceremony of pregnant belly full of motherly love, sporadic behavior. But then he revealed the pregnancy since the poor quality of sleep, but also because of shortness of breath, chest tightness at insomnia. Chen Yao thought of the baby after birth may no more sleep, so she wanted to call home. Chen Yao could not help but complain after pregnancy without sleep, but when Chen Yao thought of the baby after birth, sleep time will be less, let her call: "I want to immediately pack up and run away, let the husband also funny lactation.相关的主题文章:

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