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A go to travel, drive before the G20 Mount Huangshan return – Sohu over the weekend with her husband and mother to travel together to Hefei to attend the wedding sister-in-law arrived in Hefei, we began to plot after the wedding a trip to Mount Huangshan, from Hefei to Mount Huangshan high iron more than an hour to yuan fare. The wedding ceremony in the afternoon we arrived at the Huangshan City high speed rail station, due to lack of preparation in advance and not well ahead of the scheduled Hotel, get off after a bit mask, hit a car and ask the driver, a local snack night market is concentrated, the driver said: Yes, " ", Tunxi street! We go to the "! ". On the road with the driver chat, Mount Huangshan understand that the original Huangshan City divided into several sections, where we are at the Huangshan City District of Tunxi, the distance at the foot of Mount Huangshan (Tang Kou) there are more than a hour. Find a hotel, we will go to Tunxi street, Tunxi street is a commercial street of antique buildings, all kinds of restaurants, snacks and souvenirs to go see Mount Huangshan Clay oven rolls Goods are available in all varieties., all kinds of "secret" Mao tofu, in the street, came to Mount Huangshan of course to taste when eating places, but let us down the north is really not used to eating tofu and their hair oil is too large, Clay oven rolls, strange taste. Mount Huangshan Ming praise: "the famous Traveler Xu Xiake to thin at home and abroad, such as the emblem of free Mount Huangshan. Mount Mount Huangshan, no mountain, Guanzhi yi!" Was later extended to "five Yues return from Mount Huangshan guilaibukan". Mount Huangshan representative of the landscape of "four": cison, rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs. Mount Huangshan can not see the sea of clouds and the sunrise by luck, most of the time on the heavy fog in Mount Huangshan, what can not see, but to see the sunrise and the sea of clouds must live in the mountains that, due to the limited conditions of the mountain, all rely on artificial heavers back mountain, so the mountain is mountain accommodation and food the next several times. Mount Huangshan steep, although there are now 4 cable car, still do not eat non professional tour pal. Mount Huangshan tourism is generally divided into 1 days and 2 days tour. A general tour by former SANGEAN, visiting yingkesong, Guangming Ding, hundred ladder and other attractions on the mountain; 2 days after by SANGEAN, more than 1 Tour Grand Canyon West, sea monkeys and other attractions, and stay a night in the mountains, good luck to see the sunrise and sunset, clouds etc.. Listen to the driver’s recommendations, we reported a 2 day tour of the hotel group, so we can go to the station to replace them, scenic spots are not familiar with the waste of time, etc.. The first day we start at 8:30, take the cable from the mountains after mountains, the rest is uphill, downhill, uphill and downhill… Thought we have chosen the most comfortable way to travel, did not expect even so, first day still walk at least 10 kilometers and road. Camping tent after Baiyun Hotel Guangming Ding visited the Grand Canyon West and take the ropeway near the mountains to the Baiyun Hotel, the Baiyun Hotel and from the top light is a climbing Road, Baiyun Hotel is a lot of people)相关的主题文章:

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