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Aaron Yan, Jiang Shuying "way" to send flowers to provoke users expect Aaron Yan Guo Xuefu shot "cut" MV official dance full version of Tencent entertainment news recently, according to the work of the same name by "green unconventional way" as the official fixing flowers. The drama by Zhong Hanliang, Jiang Shuying, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng and the super star lineup. Yesterday, Jiang Shuying said long hair crew, and wish "all the way" to send flowers and feeling a smooth fixing, play down and become powerful. Jiang Shuying hair long thanks to the crew users are looking forward to "Xin Chen" by Jiang Shuying, Zhong Hanliang, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng starred in the drama "a year to send flowers" the official fixing. The play tells the story of Zhong Hanliang’s non symplectic Chen plays with Jiang Shuying acquaintance, love, miss, eventually recovered, all the way to the Whitehead’s love story. Yesterday, Jiang Shuying bursts of nine figure for the crew, and with the text, "for drama, I am afraid very carefully. Cautiously wanted a think of the play, afraid that it is not the desired results. Every time you want to give up, the last bullet has insisted down. A play down, and a lot of powerful." Virgo always fancy her "plan and calculation". In the face of such a serious career Jiang Shuying, netizens have said "congratulations on fixing, look forward to your cooperation and look forward to a small wow, Lu flowers to send" the "drama I’m serious, ready to" love "Virgo, love with soul deduction shuying". Since Jiang Shuying pursues self role TV drama "a significant tension to send flowers" preparation, continue to pay close attention to by users and avid reader, starring the strong exposure also brings several surprises for fans, makes the play become one of the most anticipated drama this year. Zhong Hanliang’s calm and relaxed calm aloof Jiang Shuying CP combination, also let more people look forward to this field walk together in love. In recent years, Jiang Shuying acting by more and more famous director and producer of all ages, by virtue of "Youth", "best", "ex good gentleman" and many other works in the wonderful performance, has been more recognized by the audience, but Jiang Shuying still did not forget the pursuit of self. This time, in the TV series "a" Zhongjiang to send flowers to her audience still break Shuying original pure girl "Ruan Guan", "Jiang Lai flaming lips" impression, as Chen Xin seemingly soft heart actually stubborn "". From the long figure Shuying is not difficult to see Chen Xin have played in the TV series "the way" to send flowers, and embodiment of elegant girl, sometimes cold sink in deep sea, the role of tension has emerged, but let the audience eagerly awaited itching. It is reported that the TV drama "the way to send flowers" is expected to be early next year, Jiangsu TV, Dragon TV login.相关的主题文章:

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