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The light show and perverted men photographed woman alarm original title: Light Rail encounter down sick boy Changchun women exposed to take photos after the alarm February 19th morning peak, Changchun Wang take the light rail line 3 to work, but something unexpected happened to her, she did not dare to sit within a short period of light rail vehicles the. Too sick, a man stood beside me, did not help to handle, i." Ms. Wang yesterday morning about 7:50 in Yatai Street station, the car from the train station to the direction of Jingyue, at that time in the car more, in the satellite square station, a more than 50 year old man looked around the car, standing on the side of Ms. wang. Get off at this station. The more passengers, car spare space is very large, but the man did not leave the side of Ms. Wang, also seems to be conscious to Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang suddenly let wary. When the light rail arrives at the guard street, a sitting passenger gets off, and Ms. Wang quickly sits in the past, the man unexpectedly followed, standing in front of Ms. Wang, hands have not yet grabbed the handle, but inserted in the coat pocket. Ms. Wang looked down at the phone, but with the light rail forward, Ms. Wang found that men’s pants chain deliberately did not pull…… Although Ms. Wang does not know how to stop, but still pick up the phone, take it as evidence to retain, "he saw I took him, and then quickly got off the car."." Ms. Wang said. Liu Haibo, a lawyer at Jilin Jixiang law firm, said that according to the forty-fourth provision of the public security administration punishment law, the person who molested others or intentionally exposed bodies in public places, the plot was bad, and was detained for more than 5 days and not more than 10 days. "Ms. Wang in this hand hold evidence, should immediately alarm processing, so as not to harm others."." Liu Haibo said. 19 noon, Ms. Wang took the video and photos of the phone to the light rail police station, the police Ms. Wang made a detailed record. Light rail staff said, so far, did not receive complaints of such events, "light rail car service personnel, but there are many places in our car on the dispatch of the phone, if encountered unexpected events, can call 86196800 to us for help."." Staff said, you can also ask the driver for help, the driver will be in front of the station to contact each station security, security personnel, passengers help.     responsible editor: Zhao Jiaming SN146 变态男轻轨上露下身 女子拍下照片报警   原标题:轻轨遭遇露下身变态男 长春女子拍下照片后报警   2月19日早高峰,长春市民王女士乘坐轻轨3号线上班,却发生了一件让她意想不到的事儿,让她短期内都不敢再坐轻轨车了。   “太恶心,一个男的,就站在我旁边,故意不扶把手,靠向我。”王女士昨天早7点50分左右在亚泰大街站上车,车是从净月方向驶向火车站,当时车内人较多,在卫星广场站,一名看上去约50多岁的男子上了车,就站在王女士身边。在此站下车的乘客较多,车厢内的空余空间很大,但该男子并没有离开王女士的身边,还似乎有意识的靠向了王女士,让王女士顿时心生警惕。   在轻轨到达卫光街时,一位坐着的乘客下车,王女士快步坐了过去,该男子竟随之而来,站在王女士面前,两手仍未抓把手,而是插在外衣兜里。王女士低头看着手机,但随着轻轨前行,王女士发现男子的裤链故意未拉……王女士虽然不知如何制止,但还是拿起手机,将其拍下作为证据保留,“他看见我拍他了,就赶忙下了车。”王女士说。   吉林吉翔律师事务所刘海波律师称,根据《治安管理处罚法》第四十四条规定,猥亵他人的,或者在公共场所故意裸露身体,情节恶劣的,处5日以上10日以下拘留。“王女士这种手里握有证据的,更应该立刻报警处理,以免危害他人。”刘海波说。   19日中午,王女士带着手机中的视频和照片来到轻铁派出所报案,民警为王女士做了详细的笔录。   轻轨工作人员表示,迄今为止,并未接到此类事件的投诉,“轻轨车上没有服务人员,但是车上很多地方都有我们调度的电话,如遇到突发事情,可拨打86196800向我们求助。”工作人员称,还可以向司机求助,司机会在到站前联系各站安检、安保人员,对乘客进行帮助。    责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章:

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