About the car deck net checked the driver actually drops soliciting driving without a license beself

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About the car deck net checked the driver actually drops soliciting driving without a license JINGWAH Times reporter Zhang Sijia Zhang does not have a driver’s license, Taobao in the online purchase of others online car qualification; vehicle without a license in Beijing, bought a fake Beijing card in the Taobao online, open network about cars soliciting. In October 26th, the car deck network about cars seized by the police in the vicinity of the Longtan park. Police said Zhang will be fined 6600 yuan, detained for 20 days. The scene drops the driver actually driving without a license on the morning of 26 at about 9, a "Beijing" plate white KIA just from the Longtan Park North Gate started, was stopped by police. Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau of investigation cases involving car professional police team found the vehicle license plate is not right, through the inquiry found that the vehicle license plate number corresponding to the same as a white KIA models, but consistent, car exhaust is different. Driver Zhang admitted to the police, he is a bit of the driver, in order to pick up a single trip does not delay the purchase of fake Beijing brand license on Taobao, bypassing restrictions on the field license plate. Zhang also said to the police, he started to drive from the age of 15, until now 19 years of age, but did not formally obtain a driver’s license, "has been troublesome, there is no test". Subsequently, the police in Zhang car and found another side of fake Beijing license and forged driving license, driving license. Zhang said that he spent 100 yuan on the hire of someone else’s network about car qualification, do a can use their own network about car account, through a micro signal contact, reported on the car type and other information can be." As Zhang opened the car is a license in Hebei, passengers reflect his license plate number and account number of the license plate information is inconsistent with the Beijing. To this end, Zhang spent more than 200 yuan in the online custom fake Beijing brand. "This is a brand new night arrived, about a month before the other side (fake Beijing card)," Zhang said, previously used during driving before a pair of Beijing A false card have been illegal, because of fears that so recently checked, then bought a fake license plate. The punishment of detention and a fine driver facing the police said, Zhang did not obtain a driver’s license on the road, no qualifications, can not engage in business services network about cars. Zhang through the use of forged license plate, to avoid the illegal traffic monitoring probe shooting, possible violations of the red light, speeding, illegal and other traffic. Zhang custom two fake license plates, one plate with the original owners, Zhang traffic will "referred" to the original owner. In addition, Zhang vehicle license in Hebei, but not for Beijing to permit the case in Beijing. Police told reporters, Zhang driving without a license, and the use of forged license plate, will face a fine of 6500 yuan, the penalty of detention for 20 days, while failing to handle the Beijing card will be fined 100 yuan. However, Zhang did not drive this, so it does not involve scoring problem. Zhang said he would never do it again, the price is too large." The investigation of online false license plate only 100 yuan yesterday afternoon, the reporter in taobao.com search keywords "license plate customization", appear more than in the sale of baby baby pictures show for license key.相关的主题文章:

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