Across the earth 1 years ago, the Russian girl flew to Guangzhou to see a doctor for the past 4

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Spanning half a century, the Russian girl 1 years to fly to Guangzhou to see a doctor – Nanfang Daily (reporter correspondent Cao Peng Fuxiang Li Shaobin) in recent years, many people are keen to go abroad to see a doctor. In fact, a good doctor in China, Guangdong has a good doctor. In the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University (referred to as No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University) special outpatient waiting hall, every 3 months or so you can see a tall, golden hair of the Russian girl here quietly waiting. As with other local patients, until her name, she entered the consulting room doctor, then, payment, medicine, blood test…… With the girl talking to know, her name is Irina, 26 years old this year, speak fluently Chinese, is a systemic lupus erythematosus. Originally, in September 2009, is in Guangzhou to learn business Chinese Russian girl Irina had joint pain, facial erythema and liver function damage symptoms in No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University treatment, was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus, Professor Yang Xiuyan attending rheumatology by the then director of the stable condition improved after Irina was released from the hospital, every time to the hospital looking for Professor Yang Xiuyan visit. After graduating from college in 2014, Irina returned to Russia to participate in the work, but soon her disease recurrence, found in the local specialist for further treatment, the effect is not good, condition occurs repeatedly, finally she chose to come to Guangzhou to find No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University professor Yang Xiuyan will continue treatment, stable disease. Irina said: I have seen a lot of specialist in Russia, the effect is not good, every time a recurrence of flying over to find Dr. Yang, soon. So I think Yang, although very hard, but as long as I see him 3~4 times a year, I can live as well as no disease. In 7 years, she has been in accordance with Professor Yang plan treatment, take medicine on time, she has to control the disease very well. In this way, the Russian girl identified, Yang Yang, Guangzhou is her principal physician, the heart of the doctor to follow the doctor Yang, even a few times a year over half of the earth is not too troublesome.相关的主题文章:

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