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Software Time attendance software is the key to effective HR practices in majority of medium and large organizations. Even smaller .panies today employ advanced time attendance application if need might be. An effective time attendance system is not only essential for keeping a track of employee attendance on a daily basis, but also .es with numerous other benefits that ensure smooth running of the HR department, and the organization on a broader perspective. The highly advanced technology system guarantees huge savings on man hours over traditional systems, in the way of minimizing absenteeism. In addition to this, it also improves the efficiency of the accounts and HR department by providing a centralized access to employee work hours. Key Features of Time Attendance Software The integral features of time attendance application can be summed up as below: Attendance marking on daily basis, based on biometrics or photographs Late marking integration Leave application facilities Employee details and calendar Leave entitlement and planning details Automatic calculation of salary based on number of working hours, flexi timing and late marking Department details Recording shift changes Generating attendance reports on timely basis Integrating Biometrics with Time Attendance Application To optimize time attendance software, it should be fully integrated with biometric authentication systems. Seamless integration of biometrics into the time attendance application .es with several benefits. One of the most integral benefits of adding biometrics to scheduling software is that the employees do not need to remember their passwords to access the workplace. The biometric scanner can be conveniently installed to authenticate access to a particular terminal rather than providing a password. Passwords can be easily forgotten, and in a large .pany, the IT department has to spend a lot of time to reset it for you. Using biometrics to monitor the attendance of employees reduces wastage of time in queuing up in the central location. Employees can sign in their attendance at their own workplace or at some localized sign in points. This also means that the HR department does not have keep track of innumerable swipe keys and punch cards that might be easily lost. In addition to monitoring and managing time attendance of employees, biometric time attendance software can be used to improve the security of the organization, integrating it to the .pany wide security system. The scanning units at access terminal or desktop .puter can be easily set up to prevent unauthorized access to important data and programs. Integrating biometrics with Time Attendance application can also be used in controlling access to restricted areas, where only certain employees have permission to enter. Besides this, it also restricts buddy punching, since the employee has to be present in physical to sign in to the workplace. It can also be effectively used in verifying that, employees in remote offices or ones who are traveling are at their work station, facilitating them to clock in at remote location. Most importantly, biometric time attendance software can be installed at the entrance of any building, ensuring that only employees have the access to enter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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