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After the December 30th train tickets 30 days in advance to buy only temporarily adjusted train diagram Southland today reported Nanning news (reporter Zhao Jinsong) October 31st, the reporter learned from the Nanning Railway Bureau, as part of the upcoming opening of new line operation, the railway sector will adjust the train diagram, in December 30th after the ticket pre-sale period is adjusted for 30 days in December 29th, and before the normal ticket sale. 60 days prior to the pre-sale period notice. At present, the pre-sale period of the Internet, mobile phone clients and telephone tickets is 60 days. That is to say, a few days, the railway sector will be on the New Year holiday train ticket, but the 12306 railway customer service center website announced that the train ticket pre-sale period will be adjusted after December 30th ticket pre-sale period is adjusted for 30 days, this would mean that a few days of the new year’s day to buy train tickets passengers may have to wait. It is safe to say that, since October 31st, the railway department has begun offering the December 29th and previous train tickets. And the above mentioned provisions, popular explanation is: December 29th and before the ticket, is currently on sale, passengers can buy through the Internet and other channels, but after December 30th tickets, only 30 days ahead of time to buy. For example, if passengers want to buy high-speed rail tickets from Nanning to Guangzhou on New Year’s day, they may not have to wait until December 3rd. At the end of the year "including the Nanning Kunming passenger dedicated line opened, need to adjust the train diagram, the train timetable will be fine." Nanning railway administration staff said that the railway department for pre-sale period adjustment is because some new lines will soon open operations. At the appointed time, Nanning will be opened to Kunming high-speed rail train. Railway departments remind passengers, the specific details of the station announcement or 12306 railway customer service website as the standard, please arrange the itinerary reasonably.

12月30日后火车票暂只能提前30天买 调列车运行图   南国今报南宁讯(记者赵劲松)10月31日,记者从南宁铁路局获悉,因部分新线即将开通运营,铁路部门将调整列车运行图,12月30日之后车票预售期调整为30天,12月29日及之前的车票正常发售。恢复60天预售期的时间另行通知。   目前,互联网、手机客户端及电话的火车票预售期是60天。也就是说,再过几天,铁路部门就将开售元旦小长假的火车票,但12306铁路客户服中心网站发布公告称,火车票预售期将进行调整:12月30日之后车票预售期调整为30天,这将意味着,过几天想买元旦火车票的旅客可能还要再等等了。   按理说,10月31日起,铁路部门就开始发售12月29日及之前的火车票。而上面提到的这条规定,通俗的解释是:12月29日及之前的车票,目前是正常发售的,旅客可以通过互联网等渠道进行购买,但12月30日之后的车票,只能提前30天才能购买。比如说,如果旅客要购买元旦当天南宁到广州的高铁票,可能要等到12月3日才能买到。   “年底有包括南昆客专等线路的开通,需要对列车运行图进行调整,列车时刻表会有微调。”南宁铁路局工作人员说,铁路部门对预售期调整是因为部分新线即将开通运营。届时,南宁将开通直达昆明的高铁列车。   铁路部门提醒旅客,具体详情以车站公告或12306铁路客服网站为准,请合理安排行程。相关的主题文章:

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