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All for the exclusive sales: how to "network platform to investigate the black frequent takeaway meal Dutch act" Sina & Liu Anni "the restaurant of our own people are not going to eat, but do not sign them I will be fired." The person who say this is a takeaway BD (Business Development) Zhang Xiao, his daily work is to "start" the signing of new businesses, this is the most basic step in the chain network ordering platform. These every day in order to get the business of BD who, in the most primitive way to repeat the work every day, behind the hungry, what, a Baidu takeaway and other China Internet Corporation monopoly ambitions. In the face of the giants to expand their forces, to seize the market, Zhang Xiao represents the takeaway platform BD who are also facing increasing pressure, doubling the number of KPI per month. In order to complete the KPI, BD had to put some "problem" merchant, followed by the lack of fraud documents, food deterioration, poor production environment, such as a series of problems in the takeaway platform. However, has been fully put into the takeaway platform has not been able to take into account these problems, carrying a huge revenue pressure can only open one eye closed one eye. In the face of takeaway platform chaos, Sina Technology after two months of undercover investigation, through the struggle in the forefront of the takeaway BD, reveals the burn wars behind the takeaway market. Poor sanitation, unlicensed Sina Technology found in the survey, to near the Beijing Railway Station as an example, almost every restaurant have a different platform takeaway signs, and these restaurants are mostly health rating of C (Note: A, B, C, D on behalf of other health restaurant, a representative good health, hygiene standard, B on behalf of C level of basic health level are qualified, D represents a health problem, need improvement, or to) a small family workshop, cannot eat. In this regard, Zhang Xiao said that these businesses are in the past, we signed the blacklist, because of poor health conditions, but in recent months, in order to complete the KPI, these businesses have been signed almost. Sina science and technology to visit a family selling fast food restaurant, a few square meters of narrow room, placed six tables, a chef is smoking while cooking. The freezer is covered with dust, food also use plastic bags, black stove, the wall has been full of sticky clay, the roof corner hanging cobwebs, placed on the ground dressing plastic box with a box of vegetables, the water is dirty muddy, below the stove oil drum is full of grease, no obvious trademark. Sina Technology visited Sina Technology Restaurant Restaurant visited Sina Technology visited the restaurant business in order to get more sales, also want to buy packages sent to Xiaobang Zhang He on-line cola activities. In fact, there have been several media reports the sanitary conditions takeout restaurant filthy phenomenon before, scissors, pen bibimbap, hand chicken, cockroaches everywhere, these restaurants are popular in the exposure. From the Beijing Railway Station to Ciqikou to this area, the number of small flies restaurant is far more than the formal dining room. Sina Technology, from Ciqikou to?相关的主题文章:

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