Analysis of multiple indicators of real estate prices are adjusted to increase the risk of real esta tokyo hot n0476

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Real estate index from the analysis of the real estate prices are 1 to 8 investment in real estate development and sales data adjustment to increase the risk of National Bureau of statistics released in 13 revealed a message, the risk of the real estate market is intensifying. "Economic Reference News" reporter found that the current real estate market indicators appear to deviate from each other: on the one hand, the phenomenon of soaring prices at the same time, this should be accelerated to the inventory of real estate has a downward trend; on the other hand, in the area of housing construction, new construction area, the completion area, sales area, land area growth have come down at the same time, the national real estate development and investment growth is up. Insiders said that in the credit is expected to exceed the current king to the floor, and more panic buying. However, in the face of changes in capital, real estate prices are facing increased risk adjustment. Data show that from 1 to August, the real estate development enterprises housing construction area of 7 billion 1 million 210 thousand square meters, an increase of 4.6%, the growth rate down 0.2 percentage points to 1 in July; the new housing construction area of 1 billion 68 million 340 thousand square meters, an increase of 12.2%, the growth rate down 1.5 percentage points; real estate development company purchased land area of 129 million 220 thousand square meters, down 8.5%. A decline of more than 1 to 0.7 percentage points in July to expand. It is worth noting that, although a number of typical indicators of real estate has declined, but the national real estate development investment growth was 1 percentage points higher than in to July, up to 64387 billion yuan, an increase of nominal growth of. It is reported that investment growth accelerated or due to a departure from the area to purchase and decline the high price of land transactions. Data show that, although the land area declined, but eight months before the land transaction price soared 7.9%, last month increased by 0.8 percentage points, up to 463 billion 200 million yuan. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that since 2016, supporting the construction of real estate investment data has come down. August, the new construction area continued to slow down significantly, thereby affecting investment. However, investment growth has incremental data. In addition, although the purchase price of housing land area decreased, but the amount has risen sharply. Data deviate from the description of the property market in some hot cities, irrational behavior is increasing." Zhang Dawei said. This year, the influx of funds into the real estate market. Peng Yuan credit rating Co. Ltd. research and development department researcher Yuan Quanquan said that from the bond market, according to the statistical data in July 21st last year to July 21st this year, in recent years, housing prices issuance period reached 467, direct financing totaling 848 billion 145 million yuan, housing prices in the domestic bond issue number and scale growth spurt. In addition, the housing prices in place funding sources change. Data show that from 1 to August, real estate development enterprises in place funds of $91573 billion, an increase of 14.8%, the growth rate down from July to 0.5 percentage points over the year to 1. Among them, the domestic loans grew by only 1.7%, a sharp decline in the use of foreign capital by 52.6%, self financing only increased by 0.6%, other funds increased by 34.1%. In other funds, deposit and pre receivables increased by 29.7%, personal mortgage loans increased by 52.2%. Haitong.相关的主题文章:

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