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And the third pole of the earth about ten years – tourism Sohu ten years ago for the first time in Tibet, most of the conventional attractions are gone, including Mount Everest. Live in the Rongbu temple, to the next carriage on the base to see the sunrise, who knows about the carriage does not appear, the first trip to Mount Everest stop at Rongbu temple. Six years ago, second times since the arrival of Tibet, drove up to the next day. The morning found a flat tire, not risk that the washboard road and Mount Everest pass again. Two years ago, third in Tibet, Tibet car, did not go to the Shigatse area. In August this year to fourth, finally again break to go to the Mount Everest, and the third pole of the earth about ten years, go round my Mount Everest dream. Mount Qomolangma, located in the Chinese border with Nepal, the peak of Himalaya Range, 8844.43 meters high, is the highest peak in the world, also known as the third pole of the earth. After Tingri to Mount Everest, which is also Tingri, Mount Everest National Nature Reserve of the mountain — Gyatso La pass, 5248 meters above sea level. The weather station, the Gyatso La pass, not only can overlooking the Mount Qomolangma, can also see the other three elevation above more than 8 thousand meters, CHO oyu, and makalu. The road will pass through Mount Everest Observatory, although a bit far away, but it is full to see the most clear, the most complete Mount Everest, only a little above block peak. In general, the afternoon sun is too fierce, evaporation of water vapor, the formation of clouds in the snow capped mountains, so early in the morning to see the probability of a larger. Go to the camp on second pass — plus hurrah pass, 5210 meters above sea level. This 4 seat 8000 meters overlooking the peaks, from left to right: Makalu peak, Luo Zifeng, Mount Qomolangma, Zhuoo Tomomine. A close-up of the Mount Everest in the blue sky and white clouds and flags, facing the sweep of Himalaya Range, a force is a must. This section of mountain road to the Mount Everest, was a famous washboard road, now covered with asphalt pavement, the road has changed. But also to control the speed of the vehicle can not be careless Oh, because there are many elbows bent. The car is generally open only to the Rongbuk monastery, from here to Mount Everest base camp and 8 km, can only walk, bike or take the scenic green car, the road is not paved, gravel road. Rongbu and camp elevation is about 5200 meters, the road was deserted, but there may be occasional blue sheep Oh, its color with like rocks, to look carefully to find it. In fact, the north slope of the Mount Everest more than one camp, ordinary tourists to the 1 camp, distance from Mount Everest line about 19 km, up to the application. Under the scenic green car, there will be an introduction to the attention of the armed police, such as the flag can not take pictures, can not write on the tablet, can not bare what. Tourists will climb the hill to see Mount Everest, the mountain is not high, but at this altitude, the next step is difficult, admire those who reached the summit of Mount Everest. But to climb Mount Everest, not only have the strength, but also has the resources, hundreds of thousands did not go to sleep. Accommodation in general Rongbu, there are hotels, guest houses and tents in mind相关的主题文章:

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