Ant gold service $70 million acquisition of the U.S. biological verification company eyeverify (vide-vidalia

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The payment service $70 million acquisition of U.S. company EyeVerify Tencent biometric technology news according to Bloomberg, who requested anonymity informed sources, the Alibaba group’s financial services subsidiary ant payment service to $70 million acquisition of biometric technology company headquartered in Kansas City Missouri EyeVerify. EyeVerify is developing a technology to extract data from the eyeball and unlock the phone to replace the password and fingerprint recognition. The source said that after the completion of the transaction, EyeVerify will become a wholly owned subsidiary of ant gold service. Ant gold service hopes to use EyeVerify biometric technology to protect the security of consumer online data and transactions. As its first investment in the United States, Ant King also hopes to use EyeVerify technology to upgrade its security system, or eventually applied to the future of the u.s.. Earlier this year, ant gold service has begun to use EyeVerify’s EyePrint ID technology on its payment verification platform. In the future, the Ant King also plans to integrate EyeVerify technology into more products. Lu Jiexun, vice president of security services, said in an interview: "for us, the acquisition of a leading industry such as EyeVerify is a natural step. Fully integrated EyeVerify technology will allow us to more quickly and flexibly to promote our work, we can make the application of EyeVerify technology to the market China, India and in the next few years Alipay will expand to the." EyeVerify creates a strength equivalent to a 50 bit cipher key by creating a user’s eye pattern. As long as the user put the phone in front of 30 cm camera, you can complete the authentication, open the APP or log on to the site. EyeVerify said the accuracy of the technology is more than 99.99%. Now there are more than a dozen financial institutions in the use of EyeVerify technology. EyeVerify was founded in 2012, currently has $13 million of financing, investors include Wells Fargo, Samsung, Sprint and Qihoo 360. (compile Yifei) video recommendation technology [27] meow meow Ming Dynasty astronaut is killed in plane crash recommendation: focus on Tencent (ID:qqdigi), WeChat digital officer gets apple iPhone 7, the latest information, Purchasing Guide, a detailed evaluation, a video, interactive live everything. Chat chat point what? Look here.相关的主题文章:

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