In truth, it namely something another ‘s mistake

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go out today, they encountered such a thing.

260 collective strikes bus, Thistle Street, where 4 more than a dozen parked motorcars. Many folk have been postponed in there. However, everybody namely impatient, in adding apt individual accidentally ambition to see the enthusiastic audience outside, who really did no see the fun there.

I migrate the 281, above the car side stood a five-year-old aunt about hasty. From the starting, kept saying Yishang Ju 260 Road, before the events. Needless to mention, many people will know not specifically inquire about the circumstances surrounding the whole thing.

old aunt, said at the beginning of the ride eligible for the cause was also followed, but who slowly has no talk. Angry old aunt seems unusual to see did not care for her, getting pile up to vigor. Topic and the more drag farther. Beginning just complain, and later became abusive, damn from beneath to upon. Look at this position, if only stopped, the old aunt from Changchun City, this little small thing to denounce the Big Bang.

the car did not challenge to speak, because really do not know what to say. In fact, this is normal. On the current social situation, the, this can be understood. But I can not concern, because she stood along me keeping it, even the mp3 sound of music cover whichever really annoying, it is too affected the mood. So I took off the headset, the old aunt flap on the elbow, said to him, aunt, you see how good the weather outside today, the sun more bright, do not let these things affect your mood ah. Old aunt froze a moment and said, I am a victim can ah! I said, I know you are the victims,百度空间, but if you like that. You are a victim more. Finished these words, I persist to wear headphones to listen to music, the old aunt never say anything.

truth, if carefully examined this process, we can ascertain the retinue questions: 1. the old aunt in the complaint; 2. the old aunt’s complaint is a negative emotion; 3. old Aunt ourselves overweight.

may be competent to see this text the people here will feel very strange to discern, what is an unreasonable place? Do not fret, listen to me slowly.

encountered someone in the stimulation, constantly have a taper converge. That will merely lead to his interest in this stuff remain. While most people automatically behind a phase of period to divert consideration, this is customary action. However, the width of period to vary. The basis of some identity disorders alternatively as a characteristic duration of person physiology (eg, menopause), the duration ambition be longer. I meet the age aunt ought such a case.

I was taken in response strategy is this: at first to divert her attention, so he was aware of them in this matter her character. However, there is a problem that there is simply tell her you do not, or if there are other things to narrate him she was concerned about this? In fact, either approaches are reasonable, said head of a train it, the more the more you sermonize against her, and finally they might even muff your floor, fight; The second thing to do, nor is it pleasing because, nevertheless you can tell her there are additional things that need to be concerned, but her things in the end you do not know what the last analysis, most possible in vain. So I chose the third approximate – let nature to tell her what she was act.

fact, this is the treatment of Taoist school of philosophy for a path to punctuate that we feel and experience, the basic rule is like water in inaction, not to produce confrontation.

Some might say, there is likewise the problem, ah, the old aunt was complaining, why do not you go complain about it? Or Do not worry, then I would say this.

grumble is required, or vent your negative emotions do not go out. But the complaint is the need to have a restrict, that is, moderate complaints, but do not complain endlessly. This reason I think we all know. However, the psychological principles which probably contains all not very clear. Negative emotions can be added, and response on its own. This is why some time, but can not play after the decompression vent the effect of the underlying reasons.

the first sentence which I successfully diverted the attention of the old aunt, after which the second sentence in her 1st question was aware of her sensations with a negate punish its own, it is obvious namely the mistake is not her, she is the martyr, so that she has the right to complain. But in complaining almost the process, she began to use someone else’s mistake to punish its own, this is what she began in a mistake. On this point, I have to annotate, numerous times we get petulant in real terms, not because this object makes us feel to be vexed, but the mistakes of others we have a misadventure or to punish the peccadillo ahead this time should have been quite silence yourself.

and I let her achieve that the second issue is to undertake this – I acknowledge you are a victim, but you do that again, you can only be a victim of fair the. Attention when she came out of the plight of the narrow, he tin comprehend her mistakes, so also will stop making mistakes.

fact, most of the time and we, favor the old aunt would not portion with many of his mistakes would must punish myself. So if you want out of this vicious circle, or to dodge the little asset that happen, we have to understand that they are not needed cool. Counselors work to be done is to enlighten, prefer than exercising to instruct, so I think that if this thing through a lot of people to associate it to our misinterpreting of the manufacture, but also perhaps a good thing.

course, I also hope that through this thing so luck that pleasure is a simple matter, by the time you are not overly focused on something, not someone else’s mistake to punish its own , you can.

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