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Heart problems left arm will —- acids, hemp, and pain.
—- calves liver problems are susceptible to cramps at night.
kidney problems — the sound will not come out when it will hoarse. When the spleen and stomach problems
— migraine.

Any attempt to change the behavior of the biological clock, the body will have to leave unexplained disease, 20,30 and then regret it years later, it was too late!!
Body parts worksheet at a glance:
One night, 9-11 point the immune system (lymph) drainage time, this period should be quiet or listen to music.
Second, the night 11 – 1:00, liver detoxification, need to be sleeping.
three points early 1-3, gallbladder detoxification, they are made.
four points early 3-5 and lung detoxification. Namely why people cough cough during this period the most dramatic action has come because of the lung detoxification; not use cough medicine, so as not to inhibit the exclusion of waste sediments.
five points early 5-7, colon detoxification, should the toilet bowel.
six points early 7-9, the small intestine absorbs nutrients period of time, should eat breakfast. Early treatment the patient is best to eat before the 6:30, and health in the 7:30 before, do not eat breakfast should change their habit, even if the drag something to eat than not eat well 9,10.
seven, midnight to 4:00 hours for the spinal cord blood to be asleep, not stay up all night! !

one heart problems
1. Breathing is not smooth, tingling in your chest will be boring, tingling of the time is short, an attack after a few seconds up to a minute.
2. Serious chest pain to the back will be used to place Gaohuangshu shoulder, ten days to two weeks will be the first, third, the first five months of onset, the shorter the time more serious.
3. Bad for the heart to the left arm will involve acid, hemp, pain, because we left the heart of the nerve and the nerve was the same arm, so the left side of the heart problem may be pulled to the left arm.
4. Will also involve the heart and neck stiffness, rotation is not flexible in the morning to get up often twisted neck; as a heart problem, carotid artery will narrow the blood supply is not smooth, the natural loss of blood next to the tendon stiffness.
5. Heart problems, fire, poison (Firelight) will rise, the burning slowly rose to his forehead to stay here, can not come out from the forehead, a long residence time, where rotten sore on the president, many people dizziness, After two cheeks will get here, through the eyes, so the heart problems, the two cheeks will be red.
6. In addition, the burning will be going down to the top, from the forehead down the two hills brow bone around the temple through our head, along the neck into the throat and into my intestines, out from the anus; so the burning down of two Mei Ling will be aching bones; some friends hyperactivity, pressure will gradually large eyes, the eyes will stand out forward, the so-called
7. The burning down, along the two temples, the temple on both sides called
8. The burning slowly down from the back of the head, which began to swell, feeling strange, then wear the neck, neck to stay too long will lymph nodes; slowly into the throat, inflammation of the throat easily and often will feel something stuck in there, eat and not swallow, spit and spit it out. Again fire the poison into my intestines, the intestines will dry into more and more heat, the temperature is too high the water will come to ease, and more water came fast, the intestines will rot in the feces, we will have diarrhea ; to lack of water, manure will be dry, do not schedule it.
9. Heart problems can cause our stomach injuries, an injured spleen and stomach, digestion and absorption of the ability to reduce the food can not digest food came, eventually bloating, those things will kick back, called
10. Heart problems, can not transport nutrients, always feel physically is not enough, want to eat more to add, too much food will bring a lot of sugar, sugar are excluded by the liver, kidneys, too much sugar can cause liver , renal failure, it is easy to get
11. Heart problems, people’s nerves and recession, something to be nervous, would be startled, difficulty falling asleep at night, slept on a nightmare, the nightmare will continue, so-called

Second, liver problems – in particular, got hepatitis, the following four phenomena of a phenomenon can not have any recurring episodes
1. Right upper quadrant men Tong.
2. Right lower back pain.
3. Acid feeling right shoulder, numbness, pain, or even result in the right hand can not lift.
4. Susceptible to leg cramps at night.

liver problems when we have the phenomenon of the body will be:
1. Like a fist, like the liver, have a positive, there is positive if the back of hardening, swelling, and will be pushed to our intercostal nerves, intercostal nerves and pain; if in the back will cause Youyao pain
2. The liver is not good, be bad quality of sleep at night, over and over again is not easy to fall asleep; get up, dry mouth, mouth pain, bad breath, bleeding gums when brushing. Usually not interested in the food, do not eat hungry, eat a little bit there is satiety; walk away leg will be a two-step acid, the body will feel more tired hands and feet are less and less power.
3. Liver bad people, often twisted feet, not twisted to the good; not careful cut, wound healing is not easy.
4. Like drinking friends, suddenly reduced amount of alcohol. Or have long lasting skin, again and again no better, must pay attention to the liver.

Third, there is a problem when the kidneys – we will have the phenomenon of the body will be:
1. There are two pathways kidney, springs up from the soles of the feet and went after the root of the inside of the foot, and then go up along the inside of the leg.
first: From the rear came up with the waist and the bladder, and then along the spine on both sides of the kidney is not good when we go up, gas will be enough blood to able to come up; so the waist will be sour, back ache, upward to the neck, the neck will feel stiff; to the back of the head will feel faint bulge uncomfortable, to the head will feel stuffy inflation, above his head between the eyebrows down to two eyes feel dry.
second: up from the front, through the thigh with our combination of genital and liver, and finally along the sides of the body to a combination of chest and lungs. Kidney problems, thighs on both sides will be sour, soft, weak, often itchy. Can not turn to the chest and lungs with air, our breathing slowly is not smooth, but after a lock inside the tube will naturally, a closed air is not easy to come in, people will feel the suffocation, must be it.
2. Gas shortage can not be combined with the bladder, causing bladder sphincter is easy to metabolism of the cell death caused by relaxation, voiding is not good, urinary frequency, but after a slow cell necrosis, and finally to urinary incontinence.
3. Part of the pupil to see things called , called
4. Morning to get up, heels will be uncomfortable because people in the rest, the blood is in the liver, the kidneys will be temporarily ischemia, get the blood to be delivered to the body, the kidney is not good, gas is too weak, the blood to the slow, joint bleeding naturally stiffness, look, the blood circulation to the joint will be easy.
5. People will live speech, speech consuming their strength, their own bad gas too weak kidneys, and then gas would not want to speak consume, because the work can not speak, the sound will not get out, it will hoarse.
6. Take a deep breath not always feel like gas, natural breathing will be fast, a short breath, nasal will ischemia, nasal mucosa because of ischemia, the resistance will be reduced to dust mites in the air would destroy it, destroy course will be sensitive to humid weather changes, can not afford it will attack, known as With the problem to a certain age, the prostate will hypertrophy; women is not good for the kidneys, ovaries, uterus would be weak, cold, cold month, no power will be discharged to drain blood, never made a clean are still stranded in the womb, menstrual blood to come out every month, can not completely drain have stayed in the womb, blood clots caused by long accumulation is inevitable, the formation of tumors, known as menstrual blood can not get out, hit back and forth on the inside, the uterus lining can not stand the blood can not stand the push of blood on the inside, it will deformation, ectopic, called endocrine would be confusion, excessive secretions, Chibai band will form.
9. time goes by, more and more bad kidneys, gas is increasingly weak, cold hands and feet will begin, especially in the winter Special cold. slowly for a long time, sitting is not, nor stand, walk nor will certainly cause nerve damage, sleep well at night, finally fell asleep will be awakened by the sound a little bit, even if asleep , to dream all night, slept a sleep with the same tired every day.
Fourth, when the spleen and stomach problems – we will have the phenomenon of the body will be:
1. shoulder pain may be symptoms: recurrent pain in his right shoulder, left shoulder soreness the phenomenon of pain, although long-term treatment. medication or not, you might also accompanied by constipation. bowel problems or diarrhea and flatulence, and so on. It’s as long as the cure digestive problems, can be cured naturally troubled for a long time migraine.
3. Most people think that the pressure or heart palpitations. the phenomenon of breathing difficulties and insomnia, and feeling his strength diminished day by day. muscle wasting, and can not find the reason for the above phenomenon, you may have suffered from peritonitis
4. intestine and lymphatic system: unexplained pain often beset us, and if your throat is no inflammation, but often uncomfortable or painful, often on both sides of neck pain, shoulder and lateral arm will have discomfort and pain, but can not find the reason, after a massage. Massage can also relieve the station, this phenomenon like him to pay attention to Colon: When you often feel dry mouth. mouth pain, you want to drink plenty of water, and easy to stuffy nose. runny nose; usually do not have tooth decay, but the teeth will be sore. on both sides of the neck will swell more. uncomfortable. unable to lift heavy something more to tell us,
five, diabetes
1. diabetes, insulin deficiency is not only just, but the kidney, liver, heart health is not the case is formed and therefore difficult to treat. and could easily lead to other diseases such as: kidney failure, stroke, blindness, amputations … …
2. diabetes will develop to a certain stage there was a little more than three symptoms. more than three (eat more, drink more, urine) of a small (weight loss).

several diabetes symptoms may occur following:
1. vision disorders: a result of peripheral diabetic microvascular obstruction can cause eye, causing eye fatigue, vision Fuzzy, small characters can not see, can cause severe blindness.
2. fatigue: can not enter cells because of blood sugar, causing general weakness.
3. the skin resistance is low: Constitution generally present acidification, peripheral vascular easy to plug, wound healing, easy to fester, but also easy to cause gum disease, athlete’s foot.
4. neurological disorders: lack of muscle and nerve tissue nourishment, poor circulation thus blocking, finger numbness occurs, severe and even loss of sensation.
5. wound healing: Diabetic late, due to peripheral vascular necrosis, wound black, difficult to heal ulcers, and sometimes even require amputation is a continuation of life.

six, headache
headache is not a disease, pain and up to life, according to the survey, at least 60 million people in Taiwan have a headache cases, headache medicine eat more, but eat more valid, the situation worsened headache , there are some people more than 15 days of headache per month, 3 percent and thus Lan Fu headache medicine, the result is still a headache, but to develop the bad habit of addiction medicine.
fact, have a certain relationship between headache and internal organs. By location for: forehead reflected the heart of both sides of the temple near the stomach, heart and brain scoop head is abnormal kidney function, liver reflection on both sides of the ear, dizziness, lack of the kidney, but the head will stun will have to pay more attention to the liver , especially men.

seven, constipation
busy modern life, often eat fast food low in fiber, drink rarely, seldom exercise, tend to have constipation, but not normal bowel movement, coupled with emotional instability, taking improper use of drugs or nutritional supplements, can also cause constipation.
chronic constipation, because feces accumulate in the colon too long, and often a bad temper, or endocrine disorders and other sequelae.
In fact, the real cause of constipation, with the Firelight is a great relationship, the burning down the drive to the stomach, intestines peristalsis will cause too slow, water is absorbed, no time to discharge manure, the formation of constipation. And if creeping too fast, water is absorbed too late, it will become diarrhea. Firelight even down to the rectum and anus to form hemorrhoids. Constipation too long, there may be intestinal dry disease, colon cancer, diabetes warning.

eight, shoulder or neck pain
not General pain, pain is unreasonable. Major factor that is run by the visceral blood flow, and organs caused by the mechanism is not perfect.
general, shoulder or neck pain is very knowledgeable, not the so-called sports injuries, frozen shoulder, ligament inflammation. . . And other simple reasons. So, why do people spend time and money, long-term rehabilitation, trigger point injection of steroids or pain medication, and reach the effect, the spiritual torment more painful fact, the pain may be reflecting the position of internal organs problems, such as long-term the left neck and shoulder pain,
mainly because the heart is located in the left side of the body, long-term increase in Firelight, or heart problems will naturally arise out of the blocked blood would have left the neck or shoulder stiffness, pain, rotation is not flexible, or stiff neck are often used. . . To be extended to the left shoulder blade pain.
Similarly, the liver in the human right, as hyperactivity, anger rises, the phenomenon mentioned earlier, the pain will appear in the right side of the body. Sometimes pain location run by the unilateral changes on both sides, because none of the long-term heart and liver to eliminate anger, fire down the drive, it will cause gastrointestinal motility disorders, and shoulders that is reflective on both sides of the stomach.
able to use that method for a day, the anger and the toxin inside the body to the external drain, to keep blood smooth, natural elimination of pain problems!

In the Chinese view, there are many toxins in our bodies, who can not be promptly eliminated from the body, for our physical and mental effects of substance will have a negative can be referred to as cold, food product, qi, lit. These toxins accumulate in the internal organs within, it will accelerate the aging of internal organs, and support from the five internal organs, skin, bones, muscles, nerves will along with senile. Although the toxins deep, but they left clues or body surface, the faces of representatives of different toxins hidden in where, now, we have to find out the toxins hiding place, as soon as it is out of the body.

if the liver with toxins expressed in:
1. nail surface with raised ridges, or sag down. TCM believes that
2. hyperplasia of the breast occur, premenstrual breast pain increased significantly. Belongs to the liver through the line of the breast on the route fortress, once the liver has
3. emotional prone to depression. The liver is the organ in vivo regulation of emotion, once the liver toxicity can not be discharged, blocking the operation of gas, will have a significant adverse emotions.
4. migraine headaches, acne on both sides of the face, but also appears dysmenorrhea. Both sides of the face and lower abdomen, the liver and its partner, by the gall bladder of the

how detoxification smoother:
1. eat green food. According to the five elements theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the food can be accessible green liver, play a good Shugan, Jieyu, relieve emotional effect, is to help the liver detoxify the food. Chinese medicine experts recommend blue orange or lemon, orange juice or green skin made of green lemonade, like drinkable.
2. wolfberry to enhance the tolerance of the liver. In addition to detoxification, but also should enhance the ability of the liver against toxins. The most important food wolfberry, it has a very good role in protecting the liver and can increase the tolerance of the liver of toxins. Time to chew the food consumption of the best to eat a little.
3. Press the main point for liver detoxification. This refers to the Taichong Point, the location in the dorsum of the foot first and second metatarsal depression before the junction. Thumb Anrou 3 to 5 minutes, you can feel a slight soreness. Do not use too much strength, press the feet alternately.
4. tears detoxification method. Compared to never cry for men, women live longer, it can not be said and tears are related. With this understanding of traditional Chinese medicine has long been, but was confirmed by Western medicine. As the tear fluid excretion, as with the sweat and urine, which does have some harmful chemical and biological toxins. So sad, the wronged, the depression will simply Kuchu come when.

If the heart has been reflected in the toxin:
1. tongue ulcer. Chinese medicine, tongue and heart is most closely related, so the length of the tongue ulcer, usually considered to be the fire inside the heart, or the burning.
2. Zhangdou forehead. Forehead is the heart of a territorial jurisdiction, Firelight strong as fire, poison, this dependency will be boiling, so come and go to a lot of acne.
3. insomnia, heart palpitations. Heart in a non-stop work, when the fire remained at the heart drug can not be excluded, the sleep is not stable.
4. tightness or tingling. There is bleeding within the heart of a toxin, like a traffic jam on the highway, light some of the chest, heavy some of the sting occurs.

how detoxification smoother:
1. suffering detoxification. Devaluation lotus core, it is bitter, can diverge Firelight, although there is cold, but it will not damage the body’s yang, it has always been considered the best drug to defuse the heart of hot food. Core can be used lotus tea, bamboo, or students may wish to add some licorice, lotus seed cores can enhance the detoxification.
2. Press the heart of detoxification main point. This means less government points, position in the palm, between the first metacarpal 4,5, little finger and ring finger when the fist between. Press this point may wish to use some force, alternating.
3. mung bean diuretic detoxification. Green beans can be a diuretic, heat the approach to resolve and discharge toxins heart, but when you eat green beans to use the liquid form, such as soy milk or green bean soup, bean cake, the effect will be worse. Best Detox heart
Time: 11-13 noon, most of the time point of the heart, the heart can eat security, food aid detoxification, such as Tuckahoe, nuts, soy, black sesame, jujube, lotus seeds and so on. If you have

toxin expressed in the spleen:
1. surface Minister stain. Long spot digestive capacity of women is often weaker.
2. leukorrhagia. Humidity and the competent body of the spleen, if too much moisture, beyond the capacity of the spleen, excessive moisture occurs in vivo, increased vaginal discharge is one of expression.
3. fat accumulation. Chinese medicine, another fat in a name: phlegm, is due to poor digestion of spleen, can not be timely removal of toxins from the garbage generated. Effective weight loss must be restored around the theme of the spleen and stomach to do the normal metabolism of phlegm, or it will rebound.
4. tone clear lip weeks Zhangdou or ulcers. Lips are all around the spleen, when the spleen of the toxin can not be eliminated from the body, accumulation of toxins to find a chance to burst forth from these places.

how detoxification smoother:
1. eat acid to help the spleen detoxification. Such as ebony, vinegar, which is used to resolve elements of the best food poisoning, can enhance the digestive function of the stomach, so that the toxins in food in the shortest period of time body. While sour food also has the effect of the spleen may well act as a
2. Press the spleen detoxification main point. This is the point Shangqiu, position before the bottom of the depression in the medial malleolus, the rubbing of the acupuncture points with your fingers, you can maintain a sense of sour heavy, about 3 minutes each time, alternating legs to do.
3. after dinner walk. Exercise can help stomach digestion, speed up the removal of toxins from the speed, but it needs long-term adherence, the effect will be better.
spleen Best Detox time: after the meal is the easiest time of toxin production, food digestion time, or if you can not absorb, toxins will accumulate a lot. In addition to walk around after dinner, because the sweet taste of the spleen, but also in 1 hour to eat 1 meal of fruit, helping spleen, detoxification. If the lung has toxic

manifested in:
1. skin was rusty, dull. Chinese medicine, pulmonary management of the body’s skin, the skin is moist, white, must rely on lung function was good. When comparing the lung toxins for a long time, toxins will be deposited with the role of the lung to the skin, making skin look dull.
2. constipation. Chinese medicine, lung and colon is a system, when the top of the lungs of toxins, the following will have abnormal intestinal deposition to emergence of constipation.
3. sentimental, easy to grief. Toxins in the lungs, the lungs can interfere with blood running, so the lungs can not normally comfortable chest heart, pent-up too sentimental.

how detoxification smoother:
1 carrot is the lung detox food. In Chinese eyes, colon and lung most closely, lung colon toxins depends on whether the smooth, radish can help colon excrete stool, cold dishes can be eaten raw or Ban Cheng.
2 lily increased lung resistance trait. Lung always do not like dry air, in the case of dry, easily lead to the accumulation of toxins. Mushrooms, Lily Yin Yangfeihuoxue good effect, can help the lungs to fight toxins, food processing time when not too long, otherwise the juice will reduce the lily, anti-virus effect has to be greatly reduced. Press the main point
3 lung detoxification. Hoku acupuncture is beneficial to the lungs, the location in the back of the hand, metacarpal 1,2, when 2nd metacarpal radial side of the midpoint, you can use this part of the thumb and forefinger, push hard.
4 sweat detoxification. Management of skin, lung, so frankly Chuyishenhan, so sweat away toxins, refreshing our lungs give up. In addition to campaigns, the method can also be sweating hot water bath, water bath before adding some essential oils of ginger and mint to make more fun sweat secretion, excretion of toxins deep in the body.
5 deep breaths. Each breath, the lungs are the residual gas can not be discharged, these emissions relative to those of fresh, oxygen-rich air is concerned, is a toxin. Just a few deep breaths, you can reduce the residual gas in vivo.
best lung detox time: most of the time the lungs are 7 am to 9 points, a good time to be able to exercise detoxification. When the most powerful in the lung for jogging and other aerobic exercise, can be a strong function of pulmonary toxins.

toxins if the kidneys have shown in:
1. menstruation, or menstrual short, dark in color. The emergence and disappearance of menstruation, is whether the strong performance of renal function, and if there are many toxins in the kidneys, blood will decrease.
2. edema. Renal body fluid management operation, the kidney accumulation of toxins, reduced ability to discharge excess liquid, appeared edema.
3. mandibular Zhangdou. Mandibular positions governed by the face of renal and kidney detoxification inadequate performance of the excess toxins in the jaw area.
4. easily tired. Toxins within the body the energy consumption of the kidney, kidney provides less energy, so there body tired, Shenpi sleepiness, weakness.

how detoxification smoother:
1. kidneys detoxification food: melon. Melon juice is rich to enter the human body, will stimulate the kidneys to increase urine from the body of toxins. Available when eating melon soup or fried, the taste as a little lighter.
2. Kidney antitoxic food: yam. Although a lot of yams can nourish organs, but eventually the kidney and regular eating yams can enhance the detoxification function of the kidney. Candied yam is a good method of eating, with caramel
3. Press the main point for liver detoxification: Yongquan. This is the lowest point the human body, if the body is a building, the point is that the export of sewage water pipes, often rubbing it, and detoxification effect is obvious. Yongquan front foot position 1 / 3 (the calculation does not include the toe), the more sensitive points, do not use too much force, you can feel a little, rubbing a side by side is better for 5 minutes can be.
kidneys detoxification best time of: kidney detoxification best time in the morning 5 to 7 points, the body after a night of repair, all gather in the morning in the kidney toxin, it is best to drink a glass of white water up in the morning, scouring about kidney

black eye, cracked lips may not be lack of sleep or lack of water caused. Japanese medical scientist, said that 70% of the health problems face is reflected. Want to know physical condition? Look at your face to know!

6 eyes tell you the password:
black eye: up early, found around the eyes dull, black eye socket? Watch out! This may be too much waste deposited in the blood’s sake. Than in other parts of the lower eyelid skin is thin, most likely reflecting the color of blood. Think about the pressure recently did not feel too big or too tired? Disposable urinary and reproductive organs of renal dysfunction, but also let the eye become muddy. Australian Medical experts say, less staying up late, eat more whole grains is the best way to eliminate dark circles!
eyelid edema: do not even drink much water before going to bed, the morning was still badly swollen eyelids? You may humoral imbalance it! Water metabolism disorders caused by many reasons, if in addition eyelid edema, lower body still feels weak, thirsty, your kidneys may be in the Healthy kidney can smooth body of excess water discharge, water shortage, it will slow down the metabolic rate, the water accumulation in the body, resulting in mild edema. Do not worry, drink several glasses of water up, and soon will be able to recover a pair of electric eyes!
fat particles: beauticians often recommended to use a non-oily cream points, to deal with the fat particles under the eyes. But medical experts believe that fat particles are a warning sign of high cholesterol. Deleted from the recipe fried foods and animal offal, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, annoying small particles will soon disappear!
red blood: eyes clear congestion, may lead to poor blood circulation. Not trouble yourself to eye drops, activities the head, neck, shoulders, and clear the upper limb blood flow, and then a good sleep, get enough rest your eyes, neck and shoulders can be painted in some vitamin C lotion, vitamin C has to help ease the blood circulation, red blood can be reduced quickly.
eye of a needle: Do not take for granted a long needle! Japanese medical experts found that a long needle that your immune system is in recession, bacteria easily enter the eyes from lash roots, causing inflammation. If repeated a long needle, it is best to go to hospital for a comprehensive health examination. Drunk Decoction, to improve their immunity, and the eye of a needle can be completely
yellowed whites of the eyes: the color is not clear if the whites of the eyes, possibly the liver, gall bladder out of the question. Bile is a yellow-green liquid, it is secreted from the liver cells after storage in the gallbladder, when the gallbladder or liver disorders, the bile will flow to the blood, so that whites yellowed. Fortunately bile to break down excess body fat, with full of bile in the short term no longer need to worry about weight!

mouth to tell you six Password:
had white lips: lips and lower eyelids, as is mucosal, skin very thin, so they can fully reflect the color of blood, and this is the reason red lips. If your lip color lighter, less red blood cells may be recommended to change diet, eat liver and tofu, so as to reduce symptoms of anemia.
lips too red: Chunhongchibai should also have a limit! If your lips are too red, but not to cheer, but probably you are being red for the Fever medicine will be divided into When the temperature increases, reduced regulatory function of the body, cheeks and lips, tongue, will the local red. Eat more fresh fruit, drink plenty of water, can help you resolve the body of excess heat, so lip color back to normal.
mouth break: If you feel tingling in the mouth, swelling and even rupture, it may be early warning gastritis. When the gastric mucosa in a fatigue state, will lead to heat, causing mouth irritation. Do not be afraid, 80% of the early gastritis can be cured. Proposed meal to chew a few more to give the stomach a little time to fully absorb and digest food. Stomach temperature drops, the mouth swelling and will soon disappear.
dry lips: lips, although the mucosa, but the biggest difference is that the skin does not sweat. Want to sweat and regulate body temperature and the secretion of the lips is definitely Lips can not secrete oil, save water, need moisture from the mouth of mucus, mucus is low, easy to dry lips, decreased resistance will follow, just take the opportunity to invasion of bacteria and viruses. In addition to drink plenty of water to maintain adequate oral mucus, the proposed multi-purpose light salt water gargle, because the salt is to promote the oral mucous build a major power.
Liucheng more When the bacteria invade the root and the gap between the gums and reproduction will lead to gingivitis, give birth to hate the In addition, if oral hygiene is not complete, the formation of tartar food debris, but also will allow you to breath odor. Recommended a thorough wash teeth.
drool: the morning after waking up, is not always hanging mouth saliva? Drooling caused by excessive secretion of saliva, gastrointestinal function may be your weakness, can not fully absorb the water, causing water retention, saliva diluted, which thus flow to the mouth. If you still feel the bowel, stomach-ming, it is best to see a doctor Gastroenterology.

6 of the tongue to tell you the password:
tongue tremor: mirror, tongue, if quivering tongue, is likely to be mental stress, physical symptoms of depression. Japanese medical experts in a study found that people over Qicheng not initially aware of the tremor, so that it is often too late. I suggest you adjust the schedule as soon as possible, do not stay up all night, proper diet, or soon will face the risk of neurasthenia!
purple tongue: When the blood contains large amounts of waste, the body of water supply, the oxygen blood and oxygenated blood will be mixed together, making the blood vessels become purple. If in addition the tongue purple, you will feel shoulder stiffness and back pain, can only show you the body of toxins have been deposited too much! May wish to take a week and light diet, take a sauna, maintain regular, light aerobic exercise, toxins discharged soon.
thick tongue: the tongue of the tongue as easily as tofu, scrape off the residue may be gastrointestinal dysfunction, or eating too much. If you have always been such a tongue, it is best to Gastroenterology, allow doctors to help you fall down stomach fire.
thin tongue: tongue unclear fall off the uneven surface of the tongue color mottled, medically this is called South Korean physician experts, allergies most prone to this situation, especially in spring and autumn are more common.
yellowed tongue: tongue yellow flu virus is likely to be the signal! Be sure to keep warm, eat pumpkin, beef and other hot food, a cup of hot milk before going to sleep at night, it can form a protein film in the stomach, to prevent bacterial invasion.
Pan black tongue: tongue faint black, is likely to cause elevated body temperature! Body temperature is not necessarily a fever, strenuous exercise, can make fur angry black pan. A hot bath, do some soothing exercise, can effectively reduce the body temperature.

6 of the nose to tell you the password:
nose size: the size of the nose and respiratory status of a great relationship! Wide nose, nose aquiline, that your well-developed respiratory organs, physiological structure well enough to breathe the air; but in polluted areas, you will be inhaling too much smoke. If the nose small and that your breathing function is weak, do not take the air of the place makes you short of breath, chest tightness. To be 1-2 hours in the office, they should go to the corridor or the window for 5 minutes breathing fresh air, to prevent the sudden lack of oxygen.
nose incitement: normal nose breathing incitement may be caused by lung capacity is too low! Do not take it lightly, vital capacity is too low will affect your normal metabolic functions. 5 minutes a day to practice abdominal breathing – breathing from the belly up when, while tightening the belly breath, and soon you will be able to raise a lot of lung capacity!
nose acne: acne appears on the nose, most of the digestive system out of the question. More bananas, sweet potatoes and the like of food, to keep the digestive tract smooth, able to avoid indigestion.
red nose: nose suddenly red? Overload the liver you! Excessive drinking, the body to break down alcohol, the blood remaining in the liver, resulting in vasodilation, will let you have a red nose, so control alcohol consumption is very important.
sometimes nosebleeds: weak stomach who can not absorb adequate nutrition, muscle and vascular tissue is very fragile and easily broken little impact. Winter energy consumption, if the diet is not stressed, the body heat supply, can cause occasional nosebleeds.
stuffy nose: nose briefing to become slow brain activity. If it is caused by allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion, in addition may cause breathing difficulties, but also to lack of oxygen to the brain. Nasal respiratory mucosa function indicates that you are weak, Japanese medical experts believe that it probably has a relationship with gastrointestinal dysfunction, do not patronize a clear

6 cheek to tell you the password:
red cheeks: I do not know when, face up the two groups inexplicable hot If you are in addition to red cheeks, but also excessive sweating, frequent wheezing, it may be due to high fever caused by blood disorders. Wash a comfortable hot bath, eating two pieces of anti-fever medicine, then the United States the United States was sleep, and soon will get relief, so that his face back to normal.
pale cheeks: anemia reflected lips, eyelids and cheeks pale inside, which is responsible for the blood’s hemoglobin oxygen delivery caused by insufficient supply. In addition, the respiratory function of the skin will slightly decline, manufacturing capability reduces melanin, also easily lead to pale cheeks. In addition to nutritional supplements, I suggest you do more jogging, walking, swimming, aerobic exercise, so as to ensure an adequate supply of Oxygen.
wrinkles on the cheekbone: suddenly found on the skin at the zygomatic more than a few fine lines channel? May be due to liver dysfunction. If the liver function is not sufficient to purify the blood or the blood supply of Oxygen, the blood will become cloudy, abnormal blood circulation, body metabolism rate decreases, skin hypersensitivity, resulting in small wrinkles appear. German health experts point out that, in addition to consulting a doctor, improve liver function and metabolism, we must also avoid the sun, because the cheekbone of the skin is thinner, ultraviolet radiation can cause harm.
cheeks on both sides of acne: hormonal imbalance in the forehead, chin acne. If the cheeks on both sides of acne, first thing to consider is the reason cleaning is not complete. In addition, it may feel irritable, anxious life, due to work pressure. Let’s take a trip Walks, the body has to feel a vacation!
cheek pores: With age, the body will gradually reduce sebum secretion, skin moisturizing ability began to decline, if this was the lack of a specific vitamin the body, the pores will be thick. The best solution is adequate intake of vitamin C, which can increase collagen contained in the skin moisturizing, skin appears to have flexibility also shrinks pores. Foods rich in vitamin C, apples, celery, bananas and kiwi.
cheeks black: If you find black face, you have to consider whether or not a kidney disease. Filtering kidneys function, can regulate the metabolism of the body of water. If, unfortunately, your kidneys filter reduced, it will cause long-term accumulation of waste in the body, making the skin appear as dark black. The beginning of the performance is there a place in the skin pigmentation thin, and slowly spread to the surrounding. I suggest you try the popular three-day fruits and vegetables Korea detoxification method: drink plenty of water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, avoid meat, your body will soon be able to discharge the waste deposited.

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