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Advice one: do not constantly go to test a man, not as a menace to damage up, you always give him such a hint, his subconscious will do the breaking up of the maneuver.

Advice 2: Do not because men love you unlimited expansion of their rights, not to mediate with his ideals, faiths and goals, he have to have some qualities namely you do not know.

Advice Three: Do not always be late, do not think a man loves you he should have infinite perseverance, a person’s patience is limited, and patience to spend finished, it will slay love.

Advice Four: Do not trust these words, Because men do not understand what you think in time, when men do not love you come to the conclusion is quite ignorant.

Advice Five: Do not always phone a man to attach you shopping, no Ji man actually favor shopping, the final sequel is the resistance coerce.

Advice six: a man in love when girls do not count on him in afterward life has been sustained, intelligent girls usually play half.

Advice seven: Do not go trying to alteration a man, do not you calculate he will be tuning in to convert your ideal nice men, to accustom to the changes in him than he’s sapient.

advice Eight: Do not over-confident of their fascination, no Ji would forever bear a man out of Chelsea against Chelsea, no Ji man can come by marching mandates to go, unless, you do not love this man stimulated.

Advice Nine: Do not use this idea to navigate your love in words and deeds of men to find testify that he does not love you. Men can not all the time to converge on a matron who, he noticed a matron can not each hint and unhappiness. When you dust with a magnifying glass to detect the period, there will always be.

Advice ten: a man in thought, attempt not to confuse him, he’s elated occasionally absence to be unattended, that does not prove that he does not love you.

advice XI: Men and then you near, do not impair his self-esteem, either in front of others alternatively alone, break is abuse, if alternatively not he loves you.

Advice twelve: Do not own extra men and other men, not to advert his mythological than others, as well as others caring. Everyone is special, love in alter ways, often mention that love will become a psychological burden.

counsel thirteen: forever keep a mini mystery in front of men, do not own an hundred percentage of entire bare to the man, a human will eat also Bao anorexia, and will not be grateful.

Advice fourth: do no expect apt use sex to obtain men, which namely apt arrest the most insecure course to a male, because adore has naught to do with the body.

Advice fifth: love is a magnetic field, rather than a tether, tied him, as to fascinate him. Man with a rope will break free of the lust, and a magnetic field but to give men the phantom of liberty, and one eternal temptation.

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