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a song on behalf of a period of emotional memories of a story . . . . Love !

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old boy . chopsticks brothers

old Boy – chopsticks brothers

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that was my day and night deeply in love with the people, ah
How can I express in the end , she would accept me
She may never say that sentence with
I am doomed to wandering , how to have care
Always distant dream , is not should be abandoned
Blossom season is the spring ah , where are you .

youth as flowing rivers , never came too late to say goodbye
I not only numb the year of blood
Look at the sky and scatter flowers
Wither in the most beautiful moment
There are going to remember it came to this world

blink of an eye in the past , many years of the world , how many joys and sorrows of clutch
Faces of Youth was the envy Munan Fei Yan
Ben figure their future lopsided rush
Future where ordinary , ah .. who gave me the answer
Which then accompany my people , where you are now in
I have loved the people , ah, now look like

had the desire to achieve it , things to do now but to pay homage to
Ideal for any dry years I never found true
This galaxy look up the sky , when I accompanied the sinking
Here ‘s the story you remember .

life as a ruthless knife , changed the way we look .
Do not bloom will wither , I had a dream ..

If tomorrow , bless you my dear .

dream of this thing and the same classic
Will never fade because of the time
But even more valuable.

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