his heart like Da Qing Chu.

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just want to tell you advertising, Yue is a good man to do right. ~

ha ha. small tinkling Yi what order to make you the promise of these commitments.

I have a very serious cost pull (and now Dim innocence)


Go you are my friend Xinbao Many, I-what you said Huo.

we play so many years I have Shi Xiao tinkling waiting my bad temper.

do brother drops. quiet and Hong Kong, his heart like Da Qing Chu.

small shop in ⒈ home, a group of children with Go for what I promised a commitment.


first you see me. do not let me down Ah Jiao.

but later you say. Yue Do not come, you will come, but also Jiao with Ashanti to.

⒈ ⒊ times a week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks to see me. you said. ha ha. ~

just so many still remember tinkling of wine so clear Chu. ~

Although we know Shi

pedicle pack, so I will not calm Kazakh drop pull.

remember da, Mo Shi waiting to drive me pedicle pack Ah, ha ha.

Karma Go

A Min:

Yue do:

⒈ weeks ⒌ times his mind da,

for you, I Jue pair is clearly remember tinkling drops because we are brothers thing.

⒈ ⒋ times A month, preferably with the mountain do not ⒈ up.




Hong Jiao


see their own and Ha Yue Jiao other ⒈ weeks to several slightly. ha ha.

Yue The most iron is my brother, you da drop this sentence I said to many people.

I Go ugly temper-what would you endure tinkling. ha ha. ~

you Huo Yue else, I take the idea of ​​g into the act,

really there are you nice. ~

⒈ ⒈ one to one and I Jiao left written evidence. Qian at the beginning of the order last night.

I am not allowed to drive

if you say,. ⒈ ⒊ months to see me times of swing.?

​​just waiting, near the times that ⒈ ⒋ months.

I remember tinkling

2011 年 8 月 16 the evening.

forget which do not tinkling forget you. ha ha.

little treat just to ⒈ times Jiao Yang. just wine.

Zhou Xin

I found a few good memory I do not.

​​not long between, but I see a friend near.,

you people, we each week attendance drops,,

wine Shi

less to ⒈ times Jiao punishment.

we do not care about so much. Recovery is the friends and brothers. Er Qing Chu own thirty.

came to see me play mind tinkling Jiao pull.

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