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in the eight years of war, Kuang Western army for the war made a major contribution to Juan. can not be counted. War Shikuang Western army mostly light Zhuo feet, since they are all rural children, the bitter cold of the penniless Ai, liberation has to wear Han Kuang Hai rural West, and even ahead the text Ge or wear a lot of dry grass Hai Bu children, but Can add resistance The Kuang Western army fighting bravely, better to dead subside, and Ji Lu rigid, this seven Army from Guangxi steel body can be seen, seven steel Guangxi Army in the war Shi, Ji exceedingly Nu force, to take a lot of tinkling record. Japanese war history where once commented: Dian 188, was full of applause. When there are a lot of light Zhuo Shi Kuang feet west of Zhejiang Bing Qian went to the front-line Promotions, the people were wondered when the Mi, Hai Son did not wear Bu team can fight you, then see Kuang Bing West, a heroic soldier, but unlike most of the KMT Go Dian Chi-like exercise garbage looting agitating, have hit home Qian Men, reward salute them.

1937, the fifth station place commander Li Tsung-jen (Gui star) rates Ling Gui Taierzhuang defeated the Japanese in the main, take tinkling of the nation the first period X frontal battlefields, the victory party. Taierzhuang battle, and annihilated more than 20,000 people and collared a large number of military supplies. This battle is not only China’s unprecedented success since the war, but also on the new Chi Tao first defeat since the founding of the Army. Good news came out, celebrating a return wind enveloped the country’s pessimism, the trust of the National People’s resistance is determined to a great drum Huo Wu.

1939 Japanese aggression Kuang West, can scarcely be accounted for in a metropolis Huo Ling village more than three months, because everyone Recovery anti! Outside a small isle north Hai, 1.8 square kilometers, less than 100 households out of every three families together Liao sell a rifle, it has also kill a few soldiers on Ben, Bin Yang a few young men, to a squad of cavalry on Ben horses all Bu pilfer light, a village in the state, thousands of people use the village blaze system Huo tools, night onset on Ben who really is a heavy machine gun and kill ten tinkling on Ben soldiers, several northern city of Hai million people, in vengeance for the Japanese slaughter of 200 people Tong, a secluded organization riots, the official translation of the two cooperation with Taiwan, the night the riots with Shi, Shi eliminated with a dozen sentries standing guard, to seize the radio Huo Jun-mediated library , with a mallet Huo knife destroy a squadron of 120 people on Ben, who had a village 2 village, people in Japan to Shi Tao and Shi could not escape creature arrested and carry things, one person more than 50 years old, because anti-Recovery was killed and variant one is the entrance to the village of oil mill operators, carry water with a pole to Lan Shi Hou Governor Ben soldiers lay on his fish pond, laundry Green Shi embark pressure in the water, after the flee, the quest for missing Japanese After the soldiers burned the village houses to no avail; There is another infant, hiding in the mountains waiting on Shi Tao soldiers crying because her mother was afraid that even soldiers on Ben Gui whole village, to strangle … …
day Ben is difficult to engage the West in Kuang Tai Tu Tang, and why? Because up to 7 / 8 year-old elderly, babies under at fewest, everyone is fighter. Appalled that people on Ben and Evaluation in the history of war in the Gui Min Hao Battle. Many veterans coincided that happened on Ben in 1944’s Battle of Gui Min encountered on the arena in China, most residual Ku battle. (In Japan’s history of war in the Tao, Gui-Min Battle is that team was in the 5th Army troops defeated Yang). The campaign gathered a total of nearly seven Japanese divisions, 150,000 crews, 300 tanks, 30 aeroplane, a large number of ponderous firearms. The only defenders Gui Min Kuang West Guangxi first three of a division that a division 10 002 thousand people, and the afterward into spontaneously from the Mi Gui Min City, West Mi Fang Kuang posse, the aggregate strength of less than 2 million people, there is not tanks, aircraft, only 22 Men artillery (two Men cannon artillery, mountain artillery 12 Men, Hao shot gun 4 Men, 4 Men Battle Che defense pistol), a large sub-Bu West militia Huo Kuang fewer Bu points Guijun Shi Bing Na or taint guns. To November 10, 1944 Gui Min City fall, Kuang West defenders 10,009 thousand in killed 12,000 people (half of which was gas poisoning), more than 7,000 Japanese were unconscious because of poisoning arrested. The Japanese casualties, according to the Japanese was large Tao Sales Office to submit the battlefield, said: 9 Colonel class 31 in United captain Dian Zuo-level commander, squadron leader Huo nearly 100 small captain, Li River water Promotions armies of the bloodshed of my antagonist is Red, The campaign is capable in my life to the worst battle, is not to regulate Yu, and Meng is the gallantry of the enemy. Japanese After the war end until the Japanese have not Che Shu Kuang west end conquest. In the eight annuals of foreign war, the Kuang West province so small, only ten million population, but many troops, second only to Sichuan, and Guangxi Min and Ang state of play in the war two Mi Mi Zhuo-based character.

liberation war to rescue the whole of China Shi People’s Liberation Army, the biggest headache is Guangxi’s Bu antagonistic team. Central Plains in the east Huo their long-term battle. The military accounting for North Salt Dian Zao, steel seven Army Huo seventy-four as the number one main teacher. Waiting in Zao in Shi Su Yu, Chen Yi, in Sixian of superior force to Jue Gui seven military siege, the results of vanquish. Zhang Ling Fu of China reorganization seventy-four division was wiped out after the brutal, there are 4 Central Plains battle flag: five Army divisions Dian plenary 11 (18 Jun) Dian Dian whole forty-eight seven Army divisions, accounted for two Guangxi. Wild China after July divide our forces, Tao Yong Ye Fei Dian Dian four perpendicular an, is to be seven military Huo whole forty-eight division coated, then placed between a long Shi Yan can no, so that the wastage of two columns of battle, the wastage of two million people. Liu and Deng advance the Dabie Mountains, seven Army divisions Dian whole forty-eight Liu and Deng Bu team gave a important beat to Liu and Deng losses! Liu and Deng was forced to change their operational principles: premier buffet motley team, after the hit Yang Jun, lest Qian Guangxi. Even the Chinese are above the Titans Liu Dian Gui Ju afraid to avoid the front third of mango.

intersection Promotions war, Shino naval repellent against the former Bu Pai Chung-hsi, Ronghuan has commented Kuang Bing West: West), Bu team these Zhuo short Ku grass Hai Dian wearing soldiers, to fight stubborn stubborn, and Shan in mountain ascending, escaping like a wipe of fuel, is laborious apt grab, especially as Pai Chung-hsi Guangxi is very superstitious, so-called ‘Little Zhuge in, its Naiwo troops’ of Wang made from Hubei Hunan Wuling Wushengguan to chief Jiao is probably the same two teams battle Kuangbu, Bu team Jiao arranged, particularly the commanders, Jiao bottom center, may also Jiao pay a price. Fight this war as five days straight. Min Biao spent 13 divisions, and to circle and annihilate instantly to Can seven Army and 48 Army a Bu eight divisions have fieldwork. Fieldwork team of pedagogue preparation than other Bu large, many folk. Guangxi Steel lost approximately seven million people in the naval campaign (over twenty-nine thousand), most of them slew, Shino merely caught more than 1,000 prisoners. Guangxi so crippled war. Later, under the superior force of containment merely also at several wars, the military was only Hun Gui seven steel always eliminated.

Kuang Western soldiers fighting in the Nationalist army in the extra stubborn the reason is because is different, their officers heaved from the infantry, the squad actuator, then later the exercising unit Fen practice, while the platoon leader and company commander Dian, so a nice relationship with their officers and soldiers, fighting stubborn. >
Shi in the civil campaign phase, the CPC Liu Marshal has amplified in the Dabie Mountains abolished this order: ; two Jiao see accents, Kuang West stress Bu Bu crew elite team have to likewise, if there namely existing equipment, the United States Chi Kuang West emphasis, Gojue pair is the most elite of the KMT militia. These words, numerous of the PLA in other biographies of the Ling also said)

bang Dwight Marshal period in the Red Army Shi also said: Qianjun two sheep Yunnan, Hunan is a wolf; Kuang West monkeys Guangxi, Meng as bad as Tiger wolf.

People’s Republic of Huo

country in the war in Vietnam in 1979, Kuang is the most western soldiers, there are a lot of Sichuan Sichuan is the most troops, it is not right, in the Attachment: National Government Statistics, 1945, Kuang West recruiting soldiers and 4.5 million workers, accounting for 12 million of the province’s nearly 40%, highest in the country! Kuang West 1 million Japanese troops, the number of ranked second, according to the proportion of the population ranked first. Allied war period

Chinese Theater San Shi seek long, U.S. General Steven Wei said: Kuang Western soldiers is the world’s best soldiers. Ou the monarch from the translation of two thousand years antecedent phoned on the West Song Lingnan with soil Zhuo Ling fifty thousand soldiers, to make hundreds of thousands of die triazine Army V Qian Bing West has been the beginning of Kuang Kuang West vindicated the army’s combat stubborn Biaozhi. Kuang Yong Han West soil Zhuo soldier’s lament for all its foreign rivals! Mi side of a orthodox elite and change thousands of years in China as the only real!
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