small Jiangxue aboard 20 December final year

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Accompanied at her mother in the ward small Jiang Xue Yu Jing forbid

weekly reporters, if not my mommy sick, 7-year-old Zhou Jiang Xue should be on a grade. And now, she had apt depart the inhibit educate every daytime in the hospital shuttle, and nurses to deal with. She will be a see Pok needle, pour the urine, water every day to my mama side, fed, helped her mother out of mattress. Around the nurse said:

small Jiangxue on 20 December last year, accompanied her to Xianyang from the dispose of dry counties. Mother Ying Yang countryman County is dry, the year before last May base cervical illness, because of household difficulties, give up behind a summarize handling. Recently, while Li Ying once another came to Xianyang Institute Hospital Pok Chinese remedial treatment when the tumor is cancer progressive stage. Doctors said the surgery had no averaging. Li Ying is a single mother, small Jiangxue her only daughter, she said: hospital defense to discern the Ying and her daughter. Ying arrange in bed, no to speak, tears flowing down first, No anguish, is the daughter every day I look the needle, side water at night I shake, she got up and asked: mother of urine but? Then she put the catheter urine poured into the decanter, the bottle then vacated her this It is my old Zhao Gu her, yet now … … Nurse to the child’s dining and drinking are, and she Zhao disdain, just as she squeezed the baby at night to slumber on the bed. . , this period out to see a physician, Li Ying had to give his daughter to do a cease divider. Just last September on a year left merely a small Jiangxue Pok school in the hospital with her mother. Ying said that in whichever circumstance, the afterward period have to let the baby on Pok Pok, small Jiangxue been obediently leaned bed, holding a cartoon clips melodrama to play, she said it was bought because the hospital nurses. Asked her to work home? She said: eyes reddening, but has no tears.
on the curb for a small Jiangxue am looking along to, she says the same bund is missed, the pedagogue, . Zhao see correspondent to shoot, she came over with interest, cautiously touch the lens with your fingers. Only then, she was like a 7-year-old kid.
■ doctor: her mother’s condition is quite wrong

the attending physician, along to Ying Pan large 伕 said, in truth, just 2 years ago when cancer is found to surgery, However, Li Ying was not lobbied for money to give up treatment. It is now late, the cancer cells spread to the surrounding tissue, surgery does not make sense, can only depend on radiation to stretch life to ease the patient’s symptoms, process, in the navel can not be intervened, but likewise requires a decisive economic aid. She was out here very well. Chen complimented the small Jiangxue nurse sincerely: take this child to know anything. The correspondent Yu Jing

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