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16-year-old Xiao Ming looks like only 6 alternatively 7.

after doctors said might be blind and paralyzed

family is trying to raise surgery

(Reporter Huang Tinghui photographers reported) who lives in Eastern White Sands Bay Community Xiao Ming (pseudonym) was 16 years old, but he looks a six-year-old looks like a child. It is understood that Bob got called because of congenital craniopharyngioma affect the physical development. Because this disease tin not be on Xiao Ming Pok, only at home entire day with TV as partners.
-year-old tall attack not long

correspondents yesterday in Pak Sha Wan Street rental period saw Xiao Ming. It seems from the outdoor, he and a seven-year-old is no alter from ordinary babies, merely parents, Xiao-Ming presented to the reporter list of the birth certificate and are apparently stated above his birth year was 1995, he was 16 years old this year . Wei Xiao Ming’s father, told reporters, Xiao-Ming from the old of 7 was base undergoing from a craniopharyngioma disease that affects his development, from the age of 7 his elevation and body type Ji almost not changed.
Wei told reporters, Xiao Ming brittle since birth, often fever, and the body is very svelte. In his 7-year-old, the parents took him out to work in Dongguan, but not to a week in Dongguan, Xiao Ming suddenly senseless, to bring the hospital only to ascertain that Bob has a brain tumor, often before the fever is deserving to the craniopharyngioma. Xiao Ming for the treatment of disease, Hsiao Ming’s parents had to leave the factory job, to raise money to return home with a small behind the Ming to the manifold parts of the hospital for dispose.
2006 年 Xiao Ming has capable a major coma, get up up, Hsiao Ming’s right eye became entirely hidden. This in itself is not a millionaire kin, in mandate to cure the ailment Xiaoming too owed a lot of debt. To pay off debts, with 2 伕 wife came to Zhongshan Pak Sha Wan Xiaoming, a metal plant workmen, and in Pak Sha Wan rented a rental duration, a reside as 5 annuals.
five years, only the TV accompany

rented their entire family can be said that this rental is a small out of the world. As the needy physical condition, the parents did not let him on the inhibit. But parents have to work, so ordinarily only allows Bob own a home to be inside. And this Ji years, scale up of Hsiao Ming’s left foot is not flexible, wading legs can not stand, so watching TV has chance the only sustenance Xiao Ming. Mr. Wei told reporters that five years, Xiao Ming is so over, so now become very introverted.
factory go because their parents a bit distant, Hsiao Ming’s lunch have to own trays.
Wei told reporters, because the clash of brain tumors, small stomach will often feel out the blaze scalding in common, so he drank plenty of water every daytime, but also must be ice, so they bite buy a refrigerator, is to make ice and to save Xiao Ming Xiao-Ming lunch.
or be paralyzed

It is understood that this disease is called Xiao Ming craniopharyngioma, is a common congenital tumor, ambition affect people development. According to Xiao Ming had a diagnosis of brain Shunde doctors Liu Qingliang introduced, Hsiao Ming’s disease is not unusual, and the period for the afterward and maybe the risk of blindness and deadlock Yan. But whether you do wind Yan surgery to clear the tumor is not small.
Xiao Ming’s parents, at a time a glimmer of hope they have to try. But the reporter studied that surgery costs by least $ 50,000 ahead Xiao Ming’s parents still pay off the debt owed, and now still trying to raise the cost of surgery. It is understood that the present Pak Sha Wan Xiao Ming to assist communities apply for a acknowledge to the Red Cross, but from the cost of surgery is still some distance.
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