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Chunniu archaic Chinese chart is a method accustomed apt predict while the climate, rainfall, Ganzhi, five factors, agricultural crops, etc. illustrations. Up to now, we can obtain and some via the calendar in which to ascertain it. Chunniu ancient Chinese chart is a method used to predict when the weather, rainfall, Ganzhi, 5 ingredients, agricultural crops, etc. illustrations. Up to immediately, we can triumph and some through the almanac in which to detect it. Chunniu Figure Seven left and right sides, respectively, involving the poem, these verses namely the annual the climate prediction and agricultural crops.
History legend symbolizes the history of the legendary lad Chunniu is soil Chunniu Chunniu livestock, but homemade cattle, in ancient periods in the starting of spring pre-earth livestock, so that the officials by the beginning of spring celebration Lottery mallet urging it to persuade farming, when a character of the opening of spring. Chunniu four feet high, a symbol throughout the year. Eight feet in width, signifying farming eight (equinox, summer solstice, autumnal equinox, winter solstice, the opening of spring, opening of summer, beginning of autumn and the beginning of winter). Foot two-inch long tail, symbolizing the twelve months a year. Tau above benefit of the year dry year; bulls representatives in advocate; cattle above behalf of abdominal satisfied tone; horns, transform the leader and the Beginning Day Shelter on behalf of the Japanese dry; bovine jugular Beginning Day on behalf of the Japanese branch; Hoof Beginning Day on behalf of the satisfied tone; representative of the beginning of spring cattle cord Heavenly day; cattle rope texture beginning of spring day on behalf of the Earthly Branches. And the five elements of drawing along Ganzhi color is white gold, is a lumber as the blue, a water is dark, is a bombard ruddy, is yellow soil. Another cow mouth closed, Shelter placed to the right on behalf of yin years; the opposed, cattle jaws open, Shelter representatives are placed to the left positive years. [1] where the shepherd lad Chunniu map, is the Three feet six inches tall, symbolizing the lunar year of 360 days. Whip in his hand 2 feet four inches long, on behalf of a year circular solar terms. Mountain of God’s raiment and belt colors, even the cilia of the head rank of the beam, but likewise by the beginning of spring on the five elements Ganzhi be. When he did no dress shoes and pants bundle high, extra than a year on behalf of the rain, farmers ought be placed in flood arrangements; the contrary, feet wearing sandals represents the year of drought, planters have to make arrangements for water and drought; Another sample is a bare foot, wearing a fodder, it manner the year is a agreeable year for rainfall, farmers are hard to farming, do not fault farming season. Also, if the weather is cool chap wearing a fodder hat manner; not wearing a hat is hot. Mountain of God clothes the color with the strap, but too because the beginning of spring on the day of the differ crews and different, respectively, Ine on yellow green belt; Yin-mao day ruddy white belt; Si Wu on dark yellow belt; Shenyou on red dark belt; Chen Yi Shu is not ugly on the pearly belt. The cowboy’s lash wand end on the day Beginning Day is also supported by the different substances used are also different, divided limonene, silk, fabric, end of the spade seven are black and additional colored with Qinghuang Chibai to pigment. The boy’s old is also metaphorical, the boy was on behalf of children in each quarter (that is, Chen Xu hideous not years); prime representative of the boy every mid-year (that is, Zaiwumaoyou years); Meng age shepherd boy is every year (that is, Yin Hai Shen had years). Also, if the boy standing in the navel of bulls that year and five days before the beginning of spring in five days later New Year’s Day among; boy standing in front of bulls that year the beginning of spring in the five days before New Year’s Day; boy standing behind the cow body, said then five days after the beginning of spring in the New Year. [1] implies Chunniu diagram in the minds of Chinese human but also implies a farm of wish, pleasure and the ambition to appeal for nice weather. It is the most general auspicious Chinese people patterns, but also for thousands of years has been loved by the people, enduring paintings content. In Yangliuqing, the content of the drawing to flourish. Traditionally, paste Beginning Day This year is the traditional Chinese Year of the Ox, so [1] References 1

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