Symptoms of cough variant asthma

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Cough variant asthma symptoms, cough, also known as asthma, chronic cough is the main or only clinical manifestation of a special type of asthma. Pok epidemiological data show that about 5% to 6% of patients with bronchial asthma Typical symptoms of asthma for several years before, could only showed intractable cough. these often irritating cough cough, wheeze without physical examination, is often misdiagnosed as pharyngitis or bronchitis.
1 pathogenesis
cough variant asthma pathogenesis is not fully understood. there is evidence to suggest that, on the trachea from bronchial cough receptors in the isolated contraction receptors in the course of an asthma attack, the release of inflammatory cells may stimulate cough receptors media, and the inflammation mainly involving the central airways, and bronchial asthma due to the typical role in both airway inflammation, but also act on the peripheral airways, which in addition to produce cough, wheezing and breathing will appear difficult.
2 Clinical features
(1) long-term intractable cough (> 2 weeks), often occur at night or early morning attacks of coughing, increased after exercise, sputum less; often by respiratory irritants ( such as smoke), cold air, laughing or coughing itself induced. In most cases, a cough can last several minutes caused a severe cough, and lead to fatigue. deep inspiration or forced expiration can cause coughing, This can serve as an effective bedside test, induced by way of deep breathing airway cough may indicate the presence of high reactivity (2) a clearer and more family history of allergies or other parts of the history of allergic diseases, such as changing should rhinitis, eczema, etc. (3) Most episodes have a seasonal, with spring and autumn and by recurrent multiple (4) bronchial challenge test or test positive expansion, 24h variation of peak expiratory flow rate of g20 % (5) chest X-ray showed normal or increased lung markings, but no other organic change (6) general treatment of cough and phlegm medicine and antibiotics ineffective, but with antihistamines, b 2 – receptor agonists, theophylline or corticosteroids may relieve symptoms.
for diagnosis of suspected patients, cough variant asthma should be combined with the clinical features, inquired in detail about the medical history and treatment through, and backed up by relevant checks, such as peripheral blood IgE, sputum eosinophils check, allergy testing, bronchial provocation test or expansion testing. chest X-ray and conventional pulmonary function tests for the diagnosis of cough variant asthma is generally there is not much value, but can be used to rule out certain diseases.
children with cough variant asthma diagnostic criteria (age of the child, regardless of size): (1) persistent or recurrent cough> 1 month, often at night (or early in the morning) attack, less sputum, increased after exercise, no clinical signs of infection, or by longer-term antibiotic therapy (2) with bronchodilators relieve cough attack (basic diagnostic criteria). have a personal history of allergies or family history of allergy, airway showed high reactivity, allergen skin test positive, etc. can be used for diagnosis.

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