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What is a pseudo- phimosis ? Senior expert stated the dangers of what is false pseudo- foreskin is too long ? Shanghai Men’s experts, the pseudo- glans prepuce is usually not fully exposed , but in the glans penis can be fully exposed after a prepuce , the majority of the male prepuce foreskin friends are false is too long .
Shanghai Men’s experts, the dangers of pseudo- foreskin is too long !
1, pseudo- diseases in the male prepuce Although they are small problems , but the incidence of so extensive a general nature , and damage is not small. It is susceptible to all kinds of inflammation, such as pseudo- foreskin is too long , although not affect urination , but the foreskin can actually accumulate dirt , especially the foreskin can secrete a Stink of white discharge called smegma . Smegma if long-term stimulation of the penis head , especially Coronal Department , including dermatitis and easily lead to the generation of inflammation of the penis . Foreskin cavity ascending bacterial infection, can also cause pyelonephritis , cystitis and prostatitis .
2, is likely to affect sex life , because the foreskin is too long prone to pseudo- package dermatitis , and recurrent inflammation of the foreskin , the glans and foreskin easily lead to adhesions , the penis is restricted, thus causing pain during intercourse , it will not only cause伕wife of discord between the sexual life , can also lead to psychogenic sexual dysfunction.
3, could easily lead to incarcerated phimosis , when the penis is erect , the foreskin can not be turned on after the next , stuck foreskin glans , forming incarcerated phimosis , when the glans occurred due to poor blood flow edema , severe necrosis of the glans may occur .
These are the experts on what Shanghai is the male foreskin related presentations false hope about their male friends in the situation, they have found a similar situation , we must pay attention to , and promptly on hospital -related the treatment .

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