December 27 , grab the salvage patients

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Today, I originally with the head nurse on triage duty , the head nurse is busy , I told a teacher to work . Emergency department in the morning is not how busy like busy afternoon . The red
grab salvage District there are a lot of patients get salvage , the yellow zone again a lot of patients . Grab salvage a myocardial infarction patients the first time along with the teacher , I give the patient chest compressions , doctors give patients with tracheal intubation, a nurse squeeze respiratory cones capsule , a nurse every 3-4 minutes to push the patient epinephrine, a doctor records to grab the salvage process . Grab salvage about 20 minutes or so, and sent in a traffic accident patients . To grab salvage of the myocardial infarction patients for an hour , still not breathing on his own , and the family came in looked , and finally gave up . Next, we sent Ji patients , a grandfather, shortness of breath will stay in the emergency department , we sent him to the operating room , the way transportation and Granddad had ventricular fibrillation , the teacher has been calling the name of the grandfather , giving him chest compressions Fortunately smoothly into the operating room . A stay in intensive care patients with cirrhosis due to gastrointestinal bleeding , the doctor gave it three cavities two balloon catheter to stop bleeding , and today we send him Gastroenterology . Other hospitals sent over a good Ji critically ill patients .

first grab salvage the patient is very nervous and very memorable , but experienced a like . Today’s tired , feet or acid , but learned a lot .

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