Are Xinjiang small artistes, nuozha and Di Ali Gerba why beauty fairy! (video) solid converter

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Are Xinjiang small artistes, nuozha and Di Ali Gerba why beauty fairy! The same is the Xinjiang small artistes, Di Ali Gerba and Guli Nazha, why one is black is very miserable, but also a super human love, they not only Yan value character difference, hairstyles and clothing products is properly thrown a few blocks! Two of them are Xinjiang small artistes, tie ball head by age are very cute, but Di Ali Gerba was a handsome boyfriend full force nuozha, half of the rolling ball head is also very beautiful! In fact two clothes are very beautiful, but there will be Zhuangshan, long and short in front of a long dress, Di Ali Gerba yellow skirt bra showing sexy nude heels show business lines, long legs. Coulee nuozha wear black skirt simple fashion, silver sandals without Di Ali Gerba’s fashionable grace! The airport also has a spell PW outfit, dilireba casual coat body skirt, foot flat shoes comfortable significantly long legs. Nuozha wear loose T-shirt collocation denim skirt, white shoes very casual. The same is wear nude gauze dress, Di Ali Gerba dressed in a floral dress, sexy and have a Xian fan, wearing a nude nuozha net design dresses, bow waist very cute. In order to pose is also very hard, wear a sweater body skirt, single foot shoes are comfortable ladies. Nuozha use stamp Hoodie collocation foot braces jeans, white shoes, is by age. Dilireba wearing fresh neat white skirt, a perfect display of her long legs, coulee nuozha wearing a white skirt, sweater design a little sexy, ballet shoes foot, very casual ladies fan children! PW airport wear yellow T-shirt collocation foot white white jeans, casual shoes, very casual and fashionable! Wearing a pink skirt suit is very delicate, pleated skirt is very sweet and feminine, elegant collocation hairstyle Jumbo. In the shooting on the cover of "red show", wearing a white shirt collar on A word skirt, with small shoulders long legs, edge rugose, minute felled a large number of fans. Di Ali Gerba wore knee slim package hip skirt, shiny fabrics, all of a sudden increase in height, showing a sense of fashion. Guli Nazha is confident the catwalk is completely lost professional models this model does not spare! The source, network featured a number of high-quality micro signal for everyone to share, you pick your attention to the appetite! This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news相关的主题文章:

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