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Artificial intelligence "outlet" medical and financial first off? – this is a global Sohu of science and technology of artificial intelligence and robotics Summit (GAIR) reports, published in the "Chinese Economic Weekly" in 2016 thirty-fifth, reporter Xu Hao, Zou Xilan. With the rapid development of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing and intelligent applications increasingly highlight the needs of this year, Alfa dog will be the topic of artificial intelligence to a new heat. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technology is not only reflected in the mysterious robot field, it is more and more noticeable in the development and application of people’s daily life. In August 12th, sponsored by the Institute of computer network Chinese Lei Feng (search for "Lei Feng network" public concern) the world of artificial intelligence and robotics hosted the summit (GAIR) held in Shenzhen on the day before the GAIR summit to "research integration" as the theme, gathered at home and abroad of robots with artificial intelligence professionals show artificial intelligence advanced research progress and successful applications. Experts said that the future of robots should focus on intelligence, medical and financial fields will become the application of artificial intelligence tuyere". Big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the development of climbing robot pet robot, robots, calligraphy…… Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese University Hong Kong (Shenzhen) President Xu Yangsheng introduced his own video research and development of robots, so that the audience greatly praised. Xu Yangsheng said, the robot to go to intelligence, artificial intelligence to go to intelligence, we must go into thousands of households, or else this revolution is not up". He said, let the robot learn to "wear clothes" and "what to wear" outside of these actions, the perception and cognitive ability, intelligence is more important than the action". So, how is artificial intelligence step by step intelligent? Kingsoft CEO, Microsoft Asia Academy of engineering, former president Zhang Hongjiang said that artificial intelligence practitioners, when artificial intelligence as a phenomenon of rapid breakthrough, should pay more attention to is it back, not only focus on the rapid algorithm itself, more important is to support the rapid algorithm of big data and cloud computing. Go software Alpha Go 4 victory over the world champion Li Shishi than, we may say that the algorithm has improved a lot, but I think it is more important is the big data, supercomputing and cloud computing." Zhang Hongjiang said. He said, Alpha Go before the game, with six to nine human players on the 3000 data for training, the training in large amount, and it can have no feelings with their own playing chess, and won the about 30000000 intermediate distribution data, it is very difficult to achieve human players. Its computational resources are more than 1 thousand and 900 CPU, more than and 280 GPU, the cost of energy is more than 300 times. There is a powerful resource for robot learning so fast that the final victory over the human world champion. Advances in artificial intelligence are largely due to advances in computing. "The history of face recognition technology is the history of human face database and computing ability." Zhang Hongjiang.相关的主题文章:

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